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Name Change

Name change complete! DagurTheDeranged1, is now Emma The Deranged! Thanks Dublyn for the link :)

(I'll be working on updating my profile soon.)

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I got a theory

‪ Ya see the jewels like stuff there? In the hidden world, what if, it’s not just some ordinary stuff. It could be dangerous. If you have read httyd books, I’m sure you’ll probably know about the dragon jewel. It’s important to dragons. There’s a dangerous kind of a gas in it, which can kill the dragons. What if the jewels from hidden world work like the dragon jewel? What if there’s something in it that can kill the dragons, so that’s why this place is forbidden to go.
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How would the characters react to fans like us ?

Honestly , I think the characters would need to get used to our uncontrollable excitement because we won't let go ! 😁😂 But we would if they get too uncomfortable.

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Dis was a request from DrSlimSizzy
Hope you like it
Any more dragons ???
( ps I already did the buffalord )
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I’m getting into art☺️

Heya! I did another art piece of stormfly and toothless. Mostly because I don’t have enough posters in my room and I wanted something Httyd to hang. Took me 2 seperet days but more like 3hrs. This is more comic based. Hope you enjoy it. Suggestions welcomed!
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open discussion bout dragons!

here to talk about httyd dragon facts, species, etc. come join me and have a gr8 time!
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Survey Sunday! - Favourite Non-Main Character

Hey guys,

So for Sundays I'll be doing Surveys of random questions.

This one is simple to start us off. What's your favourite Non-Main (6 Riders) Human Character?

Note: There's a limit for possible answers and I just realised how many possible answers there are. So I kind of made them into teams. Comment your favourite below.

What's your favourite non-original Dragon Rider character?
  • Team Hiccup's Parent-y Figures: Stoick, Valka or Gobber
  • Team Berserk: Dagur or Heather
  • Team RTTE: Mala, Throk, Atali or Minden
  • Team Villains/Not Villains: Viggo, Ryker, Alvin or Eret
  • Team Auxillary- Gustav, Spitelout, Gothi, Silent Sven, Mulch or Bucket
  • Team Villains: Savage, Krogan, Johann, Drago or Grimmel
  • Team Rest of Berk - Gruffnut, The Ingermen kids, other relatives
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What do you prefer? Valka as she is now or Valka as a villiain?

Okay, I know this is very old news, but yesterday, I watched HTTYD2 Deleted and Alternative Scenes on YouTube and I saw a clip which has a clip with an evil Valka in it, which inspired me to do this post.

First off, I'll talk a little bit about Valka as she is now. I think she is a wonderful character. The reason why she left is understandable. She is also very kind and owns a dragon sanctuary. She is awesome!

Now , I'm gonna talk about Valka as a villain. I saw the clip and I disliked it. It is very mean-spirited because I think the Haddocks just had a reunion beforehand. And also ,she IS overreacting and she called her OWN FAMILY traitors when she is sort of betraying them!! Honestly, that clip made me feel angry!

In conclusion, I prefer the Valka as she is now to her as a villain. But I must admit, Valka as a villain could be interesting to watch. What do you guys think? Do you prefer Valka as a good character or a evil character?

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I feel like this...

Has a bit of truth in it.......

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Memes all da wey.....

I love both Httyd and memes...😀but this one, I can totally relate to.... specially when it happens when I'm literally in the middle of an episode.......

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The first and last flight


I wanted to try drawing humans more so I decided to draw something like the second HTTYD 3 poster. So the upper is the ”last flight” and the other ”first flight” (test flight in the first movie). It didn’t really turn out how I wanted since I had to rush a bit with it because of schoolwork, so some body parts can be bigger or smaller than they should be and the coloring isn’t very good. But anyways I hope that you’ll like it :)

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Name meaning

So, I was thinking about name meaning in httyd, rtte and......
Like fishlegs mean, well fish+leg
And hiccup, well I know what it means, but Idk how to say it.
Astrid : tuffnut and tuffnut:
Stoick: dagur:
Mala: ........... And every one else.
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Rescue Riders/Dawn of New Riders

A crazy, random thought entered my head, people. I took another look at the supposed new cast for the upcoming new Dragons show. Looking up their bios, it turns out a handful of them are musically gifted. Do you think they might sing songs in the new series? Again, random thought, but humor me.

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Something Funny I've noticed.

Recently, I've started re-watching the entire franchise, and have just finished Riders of Berk, Defenders of Berk, and Dawn of the Dragon Racers. I know that in Spongebob, there's a recurring character who always yells "MY LEG!". I just noticed that in the shows, there's always this one dark-haired viking who always yells "This is outrageous!". Has anyone else noticed this?

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So Adorable

I found this on pinterest and it looks so funny and Adorable please like and commet this if you think its Adorable

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Stormcutter drawing

I drew this 2 hours ago

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Ship Saturday!

Sorry if it isn't Saturday where you are! I was super busy and couldn't do this until now. Soooooo ive been really excited about today! The question of ship Saturday issssssss.... What is your favorite hiccstrid moment? Describe why you love it! If you want me to ask or do something special for ship Saturday plz tell me!

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Hi, I am not new

Hey guys! It's been awhile (again). Just wanted to let you know, that I will probably be inactive for awhile (as always). It's just that with Discord giving me thousands of spoilers on the new movie, I don't think I need to have too many spoilers.

Anyway, how's it going guys? I see there are a lot of newbies on here (as always). Any good Dagur posts I can give an answer to? You know, I am the Dagur expert.

And, hey Dublyn! If your still around, do you think you could give me the link to change my username? I'm thinking about changing it to what I'm most famous for, 'Emma The Deranged'.

Thanks for reading this long post! (since most of you are used to reading short ones).

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What'd I miss?

Okay, so I have not been active on here for forever and a half. My reason? None. I was just busy with school and stuff (and also kinda forgot I had an account on here...and that this was a thing...and Httyd as a whole) (jk).
So any new trailers/clips? News about the third movie? Anything else Httyd related? If you're new here, welcome! If it was/is going to be your birthday, happy birthday! And if literally anything else is going on, good for you/good luck! Tell me what I missed.
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Movie idea

They should make a movie about a previously unknown evil thorston it could be called The Dark Nut Rises

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