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Nimble info

I can definitely go along with the characteristic of this species
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My Story: How I Got Convinced Into Starting a HTTYD Fandom Account

Hey Dragonite Fans! I will be sharing my story for how i got convinced into this fandom... it was meant to be just a joke...                                                            Before we get started i would just say that i have actually been on this fanfom for like over a year but i only actually started an account like a month ago or something. ONTO THE STORY!!!                                                       Ok so it started out as a normal day at school and i was eating my lunch with my friends while drawing one of my HTTYD drawings. One of my friends had said that i was really good at drawing free hand and how neat and the way i had drawn Astrid's pose (My friend was a fan of HTTYD as well). She saw that i was on this fandom looking at spoilers and stuff... then she said to me, "Hey, do people post drawings and stuff that they do on the fandom?" "Yes. Everyone's drawings are amazing." "Well why don't you post your drawings? I think everyone will like them the way we do!" "I don't know... i have always considered it but never really actually thought that i would do it... besides i don't think my level will be the same as other peoples drawings." Just to be clear... even now i still actually think that my drawings are nothing compared to your drawings... 😢. The reason why is because that you guys are drawing of things from your imagination and i am drawing pictures from the Internet (not in a way that i am copying i mean like just drawing like the characters and stuff). I know you might say that i am just as good as you guys... but I'm just one of those people who think everything is bad that they do... thats why i had actually decided to make an account because i know how nice you guys are and that you respect anyone's opinion.  And i had thought that this is where i belong. I love my friends... as my friends... but i really joined because people at my school are rude to me and ask why i am always quiet. People like to take my drawing journal and copy my drawings so when i saw you guys... i realised that this is where i belong. And i don't have to worry about things like that.                                    I would like to say thank you... to ALL of you. You guys have been so friendly to me and that my life is hard right now trying to cope with anxiety and drawing helps to conquer it and knowing that you guys love my drawing makes me realize that you guys are my family 😊.                                      KABRdream06 OUT! 😇
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I have made a Httyd board on Pinterest for everybody who is in the Httyd fandom. You can post anything about Httyd AS LONG AD IT IS APPROPRIATE
No Naked images
And No ship pictures with hiccup and somebody else only Hiccstrid
You can post memes of your own and other peoples too IF YOU GIVE CREDITS

I will give you two chances if you break one of these rules if you continue to break them I will remove you.
If you have questions ask me.
If someone would like to Organize them they can but it is not a have too job
If you would like to join our your username in the comments then I will add you.
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I really want to try to start drawing on a electronic device (In my case iPad) I don't know any drawing apps that don't require money or scams. and I need some tips or an idea ?

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Hey guys how about a dragon huh

Hey guys I was wondering if you guys would suggest me a dragon I could draw. And look how cute they are. 😊
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Important Notice (Must Read)

Hey Dragonite Fans! I have been noticing that some people are saying that what will happen to this fandom after HTTYD 3: THW? Well i am not sure about you guys but even after i see the movie i will still always come here and post my drawings and other things. I will also post my drawing tomorrow because today i am just very busy and i will not be able to have a wifi connection 😱 to post. Anyway what do you guys think will happen to this fandom after HTTYD 3: THW is released? Comment below! And as for the long wait for my drawing i will post how i got convinced to start an account on this fandom! KABRdream06 Out
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Could it actually be this is mind blowing
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Strongest Dragon

Which dragon is strongest of 'em all
in your opinnion??
In my oppinion its Screaming Death because of strong scales but it's easy to trick it and second one is Night Fury because it is ready to do anything for his friend just like we saw through httyd movies and RttE,he even defeated King of all dragons Bewilderbeast.
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Another new mini-trailer!

This time it appears to be from the UK. There's a few more quick new scenes.

Grimmel properly riding the Light Fury. A War Lord speaks! A bit more of Fishmeat. We see Toothless channelling lightning again. And more lines from Fishlegs.

Hiccstrid on Instagram: “⚠⚠WARNING SPOILERT ALERT ON TV ⚠⚠⚠⚠⚠⚠😍😍”
Hiccstrid on Instagram: “⚠⚠WARNING SPOILERT ALERT ON TV ⚠⚠⚠⚠⚠⚠😍😍” Instagram
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Seems impossible

How were barf and belch able to do this? They seem so tiny in comparison
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Ship Saturday (sorry I'm late!)

Sorry I am late again! Ok but on to ship Saturday! Today's question issssssss... What age of hiccstrid do you like best? First movie? Second or third movie? Rtte?
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Titan TimberJack

I named this Titan Wing TimberJack Lantern. It took me a minute just to make him a titan wing dragon but I'm proud of it I would like some more suggestions in the commet section.
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I've learnt the httyd runes from the book series, but i really want to learn the one from the movies but there's soooo many versions of it and i keep finding more and more. Does any1 have the most accurate one to the movies?
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  • Should I make a flip book of Toothless saying goodbye to Hiccup
  • OR (try) to draw everybody dragons in the GTHW story
  • OR should I make a Toothless cutest moment drawing
  • Or are you crazy? defiantly not the first one totes 3
  • OR None of the above
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Very positive fan reactions to THW

A few lucky people got to see the movie today and they all seem very pleased with the conclusion of the trilogy. 😊

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My snoggletog stocking! Parents wouldn’t let me completely redo it so I improvised!😂
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New merch info!

No spoilers, but we have a lengthy list of various toy brands and book publishers who have signed on to releasing new HTTYD3 merch! We already know about Playmobil, SpinMaster, and Funko. But we're going to have licensed costumes, drones, and electronics, among other things. No doubt clothing and linens, too, though they're not covered in this article. And we finally have a date for the role out in North America- January 29!


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Httyd3 memes

Sorry about the post yesterday I won’t do it again Vikings owner
But here are some memes of httyd
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