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The Bewilderbeast Debate

Alright y'all, time to settle this. Let's talk about the Bewilderbeast & the egg from the finale of RTTE S6.

I am currently unsure of whether the egg that Hiccup and Toothless rescue hatches and grows to become Valka's Bewilderbeast from the second movie.
Many people say that due to the small amount of time between RTTE and Movie 2, that Valka may have saved the egg to let it hatch somewhere safely and leave it alone. This is very plausible, however I am beginning to believe that there *could* be a possibility that the egg in RTTE is indeed Valka's Bewilderbeast.

Why do I believe this? Well, in the movie, Valka mentions that she's lived among the dragons for 20 years. This statement does not, however, confirm that the Bewilderbeast was there the whole time. She may have been living with the dragons and the Bewilderbeast simply built a bigger nest as it grew, and the other dragons inhabited the nest later on before the second movie.

There is evidence against this. Valka says the dragons "must've thought I belonged here... in the home of the great Bewilderbeast". This statement implies the Bewilderbeast had built the nest ages ago and had been there for the full 20 years, even when she had only just arrived.
Though, similarly, this doesn't confirm that it was there the whole time. It could have been a simple nest at first, but Valka started calling it the 'Home of the great Bewilderbeast' more recently as it had grown. I feel this is plausible because IRL we change the names of places quite frequently based on what is within an area, it's called re-branding. Maybe she did the same? Changed the branding as the place changed? Again, not confirmed, but theoretically still possible.

The bigger problem: the time between RTTE S6 and movie 2 in relation to the Bewilderbeast's size. Many have pointed out that (roughly) a month is not enough time for a Bewilderbeast to grow to that size. At first I agreed, but after re-watching a few episodes I have another theory.
The Bewilderbeast skeleton on Vanaheim is absolutely humongous. Just the skull looks like a mountain to the riders, the entire skeleton making almost an entire island. Compare that to the size of Drago's Bewilderbeast in the 2nd movie (using him as a substitute for Valka's because they're roughly the same size): In the final fight the riders launch the sheep onto the evil Bewilderbeast's face. The Bewilderbeast is obviously much larger than the sheep, but if you realize, the sheep doesn't appear that small. Additionally, Drago's Bewilderbeast only looks to be as big as a mountain, if even that, not an entire island. So from this we can conclude that the Bewilderbeast skeleton on Vanaheim is /vastly/ bigger compared to Valka's and Drago's, using the face and overall body as references for size.

This made me think: What if Bewilderbeasts are actually MUCH larger than we thought, and Valka's Bewilderbeast is actually quite young?
This would explain how it got so big so fast - it can actually grow far larger than we initially thought, and Valka's is still relatively young.

Now, Drago's Bewilderbeast. We see at the end of S6 that he still hasn't got his Bewilderbeast yet, as he says "I'll find another king of dragons myself". This begs the question, did Drago find an adult Bewilderbeast and beat it into submission? Or did he find another egg very soon after S6 (like Valka) and they both grew at a similar rate, until we see both Bewilderbeasts in the second movie? If he did find an egg, that would validate my claim that they are still young and that Hiccup's Bewilderbeast egg does indeed become Valka's Bewilderbeast. It's even more evidence that they grow so fast.
I feel that Drago wouldn't be able to beat his Bewilderbeast into submission in its current size no matter how much he tried. It makes more sense that he tortured it from birth - this would explain why it protects Drago even when the odds are so clearly against him in Movie 2, and why he didn't rebel against him when the other dragons did.

A few people have suggested that the Bewilderbeast Skeleton on Vanaheim was formerly a Titanwing Bewilderbeast. I believe this is plausible, however I still feel that the size differences between It and the two Bewilderbeasts in the second movie is still far too large for the 2 in HTTYD 2 to be fully grown up.

Another small sidenote, in the second movie a lot of Drago's men stand amazed and in awe when they see the two Bewilderbeasts fighting. It could be argued this is because they have never seen them before, implying Drago was very secretive about its existence. Not wanting snitches to reveal his trump card and so on. If this is true, it can be argued that Drago's bewilderbeast must still be quite young because the longer it had been alive the more suspicious his men would have become, and the much more likely it would have been for some of them to find out and spill the beans.

So what do you guys think? I think the Bewilderbeast Skeleton on Vanaheim perfectly explains the two Bewilderbeasts in movie 2 growing so quickly, thus validating the statement that the Bewilderbeast egg Hiccup and Toothless rescue could theoretically hatch and grow and become Valka's Bewilderbeast. Even without the complicated theories, I think it's heavily implied that it is either way. Though I might have missed things!

What do you guys think?
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