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One more possible event coming

The Comic Con ExPerience (CCXP) in Brazil happening the second weekend in December just announced this yesterday-


[Translated from Portuguese to English]

"The "How to Train Your Dragon 3" animation – one of the most awaited premieres of 2019 – has just been confirmed in the Comic Con Experience. Universal Pictures brings to Brazil the director and screenwriter Dean DeBlois for the panel on the last day of the event, December 9th. Fans will be able to check out unpublished contents of the new Hiccup, Toothless and movie newcomer, Fury of Light, and participate in an interactive activity in the film's special stand.

Produced by DreamWorks Animation, the third installment of the franchise is the first to be released by Universal Pictures in Brazil. The film accompanies the character Hiccup and the realization of his great dream: to find a peaceful home where dragons can live safely. There, Toothless discovers a companion, just like him, but somewhat savage. But it is when the danger begins to come around their home, that the duo Toothless and Hiccup will be tested and need to make difficult decisions to save their species."


So... we might have one more chance to learn of new spoilers! Granted, NYCC promised "new" material but everything we got there had already been covered already at either Annecy or TIFF, so their definition of "new" may simply mean that it hasn't been available to the general public. Also, does anyone know of any Dragonites in Brazil? Because we may have a hard time finding someone who will care enough to not only take special note of everything that happens at the event, but also to report back to us on it. I'm wondering what this interactive activity might be!

CCXP 2018 | Dean Deblois, diretor e roteirista da franquia “Como Treinar O Seu Dragão”, confirma presença na Comic Con Experience
CCXP 2018 | Dean Deblois, diretor e roteirista da franquia “Como Treinar O Seu Dragão”, confirma presença na Comic Con Experience Nerdtrip
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I might do this if any of you would like to be tagged

So I was thinking that I might just draw the HTTYD symbol (at the end of HTTYD 2) and just tag everyone in the picture that wants to
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This honesty is so true to me

In my opinion, Berk would be such a nicer and better place. I mean, look at the world rn. Berk would be so much better.
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I did a thing!

Ok. You might have seen this somewhere, but in case you haven’t, I will post the original. Just please don’t block me for this. No idea who the original artist is, so artist, whoever you are, I am sorry if I offended you for copying your work. Copying. Not stealing. The art just looked so good that I wanted one of my own. Does this count as plagiarism?? Detective Dragonnewt and Dublyn, could you please help me find the artist to the original so they can be credited?

My own: Comments? Suggestions? Tips?
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There is a Lord of the Rings reference in HTTYD2


In LOTR, Galadriel, played by Cate Blanchett, refused taking the One Ring, made of solid gold.

In the song, The Dancing and the Dreaming, sung by Gerard Butler (Stoick) and Cate Blanchett (Valka), a line sung by Valka is I care not for your rings of gold.

Two Cate Blanchett characters, two refused gold rings…

Coincidence, I think not!

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New Hot Topic HTTYD Sweatshirt

I don’t know how long it’s been available, but it has been a while since hottopic had new HTTYD merch! I just ordered mine and wanted to give you guys a heads up on the new HTTYD merch! Hopefully we will be expecting more with the third movie coming up.
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i am making the dragon eye and more... tips please.

hello so im making the dragon eye from RTTE and i would LOVE some tips. any are welcome. i have no idea how i am going to start this thing.

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i want to draw something... any ideas?

i can not draw people i am sorry. but i am great at drawing any dragon so yeah. i can also try a hybrid i have never done one of those.

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Hiiiii guys!!! So I am playing school of dragons (the game) and I was wandering if you could tell me a good clan so I can get in. Cause for some reason my old one got deleted.
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Sentient Tic-Tacs in H.t.T.Y.D.3/T.H.W. intro.

So there's this company called Illumination. Their movies are really cheap(60 mil. dollars compared to 120-200 of other animation companies). But their 'rewards' at the box office are pretty damn high for every movie. This allowed them to save up a lot of money, enough in fact to afford buying Dreamworks. Wich they did. So yeah, -Irritation- Illumination now owns Dreamworks and the first thing they do is announce yet another sequel for Shrek. But that's none of our business. The question is what they will do to H.t.T.Y.D.3/T.H.W.. The intro to their movies always have a bunch of minion antics so I wonder if the same will be with this one. I personally don't want a bunch of annoying minions screaming in my face when watching a movie from my favourite franchise. What are your thoughts?
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Cause I was bored

Wow I should really go back to requests. But I was in the mood, so here’s another night fury randomly in the sky😌 who knows, maybe there’s another nightfury out there after all

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.... Read if you want

So... I signed this... You can if you want to... Https://
Sign the Petition
Sign the Petition
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RTTE accomplished something for once!😱

They paid attention to this very small detail. Congratulations, Race to the Edge, you remembered it! (Since it happened before the 2nd film, but it came out after this season, aka Season 2)
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Movie vs. Series Dragon Riders

I've heard it said that the gang acts differently in the tv series when compared to the films. Which do you prefer and why? Is there any particular character you find more or less tolerable depending on the medium? Please do not include series exclusive riders like Heather in the discussion.

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CloudJumper Fanart :>

squee I doodled this last week. Also, what do you guys think is better for drawing on? Digital, or paper. Personally, it depends. Paper is easy to smudge for shading, but if you make a dark line and decide to erase it, it stays there kind of. Digital drawing is a lot easier to erase and fix mistakes (undo button lol) but it’s hard to shade. What do you guys think? My friend says hi lol (that’s why there’s a random hi on the paper)

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I love this

HOME - HTTYD/Hiccless
HOME - HTTYD/Hiccless YouTube
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I am going to make a hybrid

A hybrid of any dragon, animal, or human. Only 2 things. Okay.
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Survey Sunday - Favourite RTTE location?

What's your favourite RTTE island (that isn't Dragon's Edge)?

The location cannot be Dragon's Edge or Berk.

Sorry if I missed something.

Edit: Viggo's base means any major location of the Dragon Hunters' Bases.

Note: There is a poll which can be accessed via desktop mode (on a laptop or PC).

What's your favourite RTTE island (that isn't Dragon's Edge)?
  • Berserker Island
  • Caldera Cay (Defenders of the Wing Island)
  • Wingmaiden Island
  • Dark Deep or Dramillion/Melody Island or Lycanwing Island
  • Viggo's Base (any of them)
  • Northern Markets
  • Vanaheim
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Things I want/don't want to see in HTTYD3

That rhymed on purpose

I've been waiting for HTTYD3 since I first joined this fandom, at the end of 2016. Over the years, there have been many teasers of the movie, and I've generated a few things I really want to happen in the movie. So here's this:

- I want to see the dragons go. I want to feel that sadness and see how well they pull it off. I want that "There were dragons when I was a boy" and I want it to mean they left, and for good. I like to watch sad stuff like that.

- I want the art and music to be good, like... Really good. I've already seen the level of detail they've put into it just from the trailer, but I really want to experience it. I recently watched the Chinese film 大鱼海棠, "Big Fish and Begonia" and my eyes were opened. The art and soundtrack was amazing in that. I want HTTYD3 to be like that, if not better. HTTYD1 was already extremely detailed, and that was eight years ago.

- I want them juicy flashbacks and backstories. I want there to be good reason for why Grimmel does what he does. I want to see more of Stoick's past, and things about Drago. I want that all sooooo bad.

- I need Hiccstrid to develop. I like relationships that develop overtime, and HTTYD2 already did an amazing job of bettering their relationship, I believe it is undoubtedly the best animated couple out there. I don't want this movie to screw that up.

- I want the comedy to be good. HTTYD1 and 2 have good dry humour that isn't so slapstick and goofy like most other DreamWorks films. Hopefully HTTYD3 is the same.

What do you guys want to see in HTTYD3??

It's almost here!
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