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These are the rules for the How to Train Your Dragon Wiki Discussion Boards. The discussions staff will enforce each and every one of them. Some rules may be changed or added at times. If you have any questions concerning anything, please contact the staff, as listed at number 20.

1. This is a wiki, so there's more to it than this Discussions. There's articles with information about the characters, dragons, franchise, and books that you can add to! Please check it out at There is also a chat and a Discord server that you can join at any time at For Discord, you can only see three channels and only talk in two channels until Annabeth and Percy gets on and adds a role to you:

2. If you have any questions about something regarding the franchise/books, please look for the information on the wiki before asking in a post or comment, as you will most likely find your answer there. Otherwise you'll likely be redirected to where you can find it on the wiki.

3. Please keep things on topic, about anything regarding the franchise and books. Any off-topic comments will be deleted, and you may be warned/blocked if you continue.

4. Repeating questions or comments within a short time will not be allowed. There will be a time period for each question or comment made. For example, if someone creates a post asking, "What's your favorite character?" the question is not allowed to be asked again by anyone else for at least a week. Any time it is asked again within that week, it will be deleted.

5. All opinions are to be respected, especially unpopular ones. You do NOT have the right to attack someone because you don't agree with them. If you do, you will be warned/blocked.

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7. Everyone has the ability to edit their own posts and comments. If you make a mistake or want to add something, please edit your comment instead of making a new one. Please do NOT post many comments in a row on the same post. Two at maximum.

8. Please do NOT create new posts to respond to a comment a user made on another post. It will be deleted. This includes responding to a post that has been locked. If a post is locked, interpret that as that discussion is not allowed to continue. For a post that is not locked, please respond via a comment under the post you wish to respond to. And especially do NOT create a new post to attack another user. It will be deleted and you will be warned/blocked. Do NOT cause drama! You will be warned/blocked.

9. Please do NOT use all caps. You may use all caps for a FEW words as emphasis, but not a whole sentence.

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12. Please use proper grammar so that everyone can understand what you're trying to say.

13. Pictures referring to How to Train Your Dragon are allowed. To post a picture, just copy and paste the URL into your comment. If you would like to show a picture you created, you can upload it to the wiki at and copy and paste the URL from there. There is also a feature while creating a post/comment to upload an image directly into your post. Only ONE picture post per user is allowed per day as not to spam the Discussions with pictures. However, you may post more pictures in the comments of your post.

14. Fanfiction is not allowed on here. There is a fanfiction wiki if you wish to create/post your own fanfiction: You could also post your fanfictions on websites like and and provide a link to your stories in your bio.

15. Roleplaying is not allowed.

16. Cussing is allowed on here, but to a minimum. Only the words damn, hell, and crap are allowed to be used. No other ones, not even if censored. Any comments that include any excessive language will be deleted.

17. Every user has their own talk page on the wiki that you can use to send a direct message to a particular user. Please use that and follow the rules to leave a message on there. If you need a link to your talk page, you can message a member of staff, either on Discussions, on chat, or on the wiki and they can help you with it.

18. Only English is allowed to be spoken on the wiki so that everyone who is on it can understand. This is the English wiki for How to Train Your Dragon. There are a few other language wikis—German,; Spanish,; Russian,; Polish,; and Italian,—listed at the bottom of the home page in the link on 1 in a vertical line.

19. Please don't overuse emojis in a single post or comment. They can become distracting and an assault to the eyes.

20. The admins are in charge of this wiki, make the rules, and have the final say in everything. Anything they say goes, no arguments allowed. You can find a list of the admins here: The main admins are , and . The Discussions Moderator is . If you need any of them, please message them on their talk page. Annabeth and Percy has a direct link to hers in her bio for How to Train Your Dragon Wiki.