A Tale of Two Dragons (transcript)
This is a transcript page for A Tale of Two Dragons.

(the alarm horn sounds)

Fishlegs: Screaming Death attack! Come on girl, we have to go! Come on, Meatlug, wake up!

Tuffnut: What's that horn for? Please tell me it's breakfast.

Ruffnut: It's for the Screaming Death!

Tuffnut: Whoo! That's way better!

Snoutlout: Whoo-hoo-hoo-hoo!

Astrid: Snotlout! What are you doing?!

Snoutlout: I'm sorry, did I scare your girly little dragon?

Astrid: Get out of my way, I have to get to the Great Hall.

Snotlout: No, you don't. have to get to the Great Hall. You have to get to the armory!

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