A Warning to Emperors is a song sung in How to Speak Dragonese, Book 3 of the How to Train Your Dragon Book series.


Hiccup, Fishlegs, and Camicazi are captured by the Romans at Fort Sinister and are forced to fight in the gladiatorial arena on Saturn's Day Saturday. Hiccup concocts a plan with Ziggerastica, king of the nanodragons. A multitude of nanodragons fly Hiccup into the air, such that it appears that Hiccup is floating. He pretends to be the Norse God Thor and gets their release. He also appears to "shatter" the dragons cages and netting around the arena by a touch, but in fact the tiny nanodragons had chewed through the metal. Chaos ensues, and the nanodragons sing in triumph of what tiny creatures can accomplish.


(Lyrics are in Dragonese and small print, as is seen in How to Speak Dragonese)

Watch out,
O Romans with your Empires and your Stinking Breath
Watch out for the smaller things of this world
For we are going to get you ... one day
You live your lives up in the skies
Building your aqueducts and your coliseums
And you never think of US
Tickling away in the grasses
But we see you
And if you bend your ear you just might hear
The steady beat of countless feet that come to eat
The wall that curls a hundred miles across a continent.
That temple built with the tears of millions of slaves
And all your most mighty and splendid creations
Shall turn to dust in our mouths So watch out
O Caesars with Fat Bottoms and Hard Hearts
Watch out

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