Ack is a Hairy Hooligan who appears briefly in the first movie, How to Train Your Dragon.


First Dragon War

Ack is seen partaking in the First Dragon War, defending Berk against the maraudering dragons. He sees a young Hiccup trip outside during an attack when he should be inside. Ack wishes him a good morning.

Ack is later seen congratulating Stoick on Hiccup's success in Dragon Fighting, along with Hoark the Haggard, Starkard, and Phlegma the Fierce.

Aftermath of the Second Dragon War

According to the graphic novel, The Serpent's Heir, in the aftermath of the attack by Drago Bludvist, the Scuttleclaw Hatchlings seen in the second movie have taken up residence on Berk. Hiccup, now Chief, leaves Gobber in charge while he leaves to help the people of Nepenthe. The brood of Scuttleclaws wreak havoc to Gobber's shop, chewing on everything and not listening. Gobber laments for someone else to take charge, and names Ack, Mrs. Ack, and Starkard.

Anyone else want to try being in charge? Starkard? Ack? Mrs. Ack?
  — Gobber in The Serpent's Heir  

Physical Appearance

Ack appears to be a slightly older adult Viking with a white streaked blonde beard. He is missing some teeth on his lower jaw and like most viking men on Berk , he wears the usual viking attire and a proud Viking Helmet.



ARGGGHHHHH! Mornin'! [src]
The village is throwing a party to celebrate!


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