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Alvin the Treacherous (a.k.a. Alvin the Poor-but-Honest-Farmer, His Most Mighty Murderousness Alvin the Treacherous, Great High Chieftain of the Outcast Tribe, Thin Prefect of Rome, Alphonse the Talented but Emotional French Chef or Terrific Al) is Hiccup's arch-nemesis. He has been an enemy of Berk in general and Hiccup in particular ever since How to Be a Pirate. His last appearance was How to Fight a Dragon's Fury. Though appearing in the television series, his role is not nearly as prominent as in the books.

Like Hiccup and Snotlout's family through Chucklehead, Alvin's family is also directly descended from Grimbeard the Ghastly, the grandson of Grimbeard's son, Thugheart. He was the son of the Witch Excellinor and Algarick Ogglebert and the father of Fishlegs.


How to Be a Pirate

Alvin the Treacherous was thrown into a coffin, which was tossed into the sea by the Meathead tribe. He eventually arrived on the Isle of Berk where he was mistaken for the corpse of Grimbeard the Ghastly by the Hooligan tribe. He traveled to the Isle of the Skullions with the Hooligan tribe to find Grimbeard's treasure. However, this turned out to be a trap as the Outcasts attacked the Hooligans on their return journey to Berk. After the Battle On Board The Lucky Thirteen, Alvin, along with Hiccup, Fishlegs, and Toothless, went down into the sea with the shipwreck. Toothless guided the three to an underwater cavern, which coincidentally contained the real treasure of Grimbeard the Ghastly. Alvin fought against Hiccup in the cavern until the Monstrous Strangulator awakened and shortly swallowed him. Because Hiccup managed to make the Monstrous Strangulator poison itself, Alvin was able to cut himself free of the dragon's stomach and escaped.

How to Speak Dragonese

The Thin Prefect of Rome was really Alvin in disguise, and he was the main mastermind behind the Fiendishly Clever Plan to start a blood feud between all of the Viking tribes in order to steal all of their dragons to their unawareness. Alvin had Hiccup, Fishlegs, Camicazi, and Toothless captured and taken to Fort Sinister where they were to await the Saturn's Day Saturday games in which they would be participating. During the destruction of Fort Sinister, Alvin gave Hiccup a Venomous Vorpent (which resulted in Hiccup getting Vorpentitis) and clung on to the bottom of Hiccup's balloon in an attempt to escape. Hiccup unscrewed Alvin's hook by getting everyone to spin the balloon, and Alvin fell into the Sharkworm-infested waters below.

How to Twist a Dragon's Tale

Alvin, having survived the incident with the Sharkworms, resumed his old disguise as a guard at the Lava Lout Slave Jail named "Terrific Al", where he lied to Humongously Hotshot the Hero, causing him to try to kill Hiccup upon his release.

Hotshot left the Lava Lout islands with the Lava Louts who had imprisoned him when Exterminator Dragons began to rampage without the Firestone, leaving Alvin behind. Alvin planned to tame the exterminator dragons, whilst Hotshot could not bring himself to kill Hiccup and helped Hiccup return the Firestone to Lava Lout Island.

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How to Break a Dragon's Heart

Alvin was swallowed by a fire-dragon which then dove into the Earth's core, although Alvin survived due to his firesuit and managed to escape in a quite disgusting bubble.

Alvin masqueraded as a French chef called Alphonse in order to capture and kill Hiccup. He imprisoned Hiccup in a tree-cell on Berserk with a witch. Unbeknownst to him, the witch he had imprisoned Hiccup with was actually his mother. Hiccup escaped from the cell, but the witch did not. However, after she escaped he encountered his mother, the Witch, on a burning bridge.

How to Steal a Dragon's Sword

Alvin survived this frightful encounter with the help of his mother, and got sword fighting lessons from Flashburn, the greatest sword fighter in the Barbaric World. Alvin became king of the Wilderwest (though not crowned yet) through trickery, stealing the title from Hiccup with the help of his mother and Snotlout. It is worth noting that Snotlout did not realize he was helping Alvin. In doing so, Alvin incited full scale war between the Dragons and Vikings, as well as stealing eight of the King's Lost Things from Hiccup.

How to Seize a Dragon's Jewel

A year after Alvin became king, in he had thousands of slaves in Prison Darkheart to look for the Dragon Jewel, having tricked Valhallarama into working against her son and delivering to him the map. After learning Hiccup was among the slaves, he threatened to kill Snotlout, who was loyal to Alvin and his mother, if Hiccup didn't turn himself in. He then took Toothless and Wodensfang, and was about to kill his enemy, but was stopped by Excellinor, who argued that they needed Hiccup to find the Jewel. After Hiccup found it and escaped, he was captured by Valhallarama and brought back to the prison. However, she did not give Alvin the Jewel. Instead she convinced many of the Vikings to accept Hiccup as their King, reinventing the Slavemark as the Dragonmark. When the Red Rage showed up, Hiccup, Fishlegs, and Camicazi escaped on the Deadly Shadow and freed Toothless and Wodensfang, but Alvin managed to take the Dragon Jewel, gaining a ninth Lost Thing. With such power literally at his fingertips, the Dragonmarkers fled the prison fortress they had besieged.

How to Betray a Dragon's Hero

Alvin and his militaries grow immensely in strength. Following a period of three-way war between the Dragon Rebellion (led by the dragon Furious), the Alvinsmen (his own forces), and the Dragonmarkers (led by Hiccup and Valhallarama), Alvin captured Hiccup once more. Hiccup had broken into the Alvinsmen's underground stronghold to burgle the nine Things from Alvin, though instead Alvin took the tenth Thing, Toothless, from Hiccup. Hiccup escaped before Alvin could execute him, though, taking the King's Lost Things with him. Naturally Alvin pursued with quite a large army, and managed to reclaim the Things. One of his soldiers even managed to bring down Snotlout, whom Alvin believed to be his nemesis. With his army and mother, Alvin made it to the island of Tomorrow, past the vicious Dragon Guardians of Tomorrow. There, a truce was held between the Alvinsmen and the other tribes of the Wilderwest. There, Alvin was prepared to be made king in Grimbeard's former city.

How to Fight a Dragon's Fury

Alvin was extremely surprised to see Hiccup crawl back from the dead into Grimbeard's old castle on the island, in front of the assembled citizens of the Archipelago. With the help of his friends, Ziggerastica, and the Lost Things, Hiccup was able to interrupt the coronation just in time and stop Alvin from becoming the king. It was revealed soon after, however, that neither Hiccup nor Alvin were ever in possession of the real Dragon Jewel, which contains a deadly, extinction-causing disease inside it. When Hiccup left to face Furious in single combat (now without the Jewel's help), Alvin and his mother watched along with the other Tribes from the shore. During the wild fight, Excellinor and Alvin saw, to their great disappointment, Hiccup discover the true Jewel inside of his own lobster claw necklace, which had originally belonged to Alvin. When questioned by his mother as to why he gave the necklace away, Alvin revealed that he gave the trinket to Termagant, his wife and the mother of his son, Fishlegs.

After Hiccup tossed aside the Jewel in a gesture of peace, Alvin and his mother hopped on board their Stealth Dragon and interrupted the fight. Alvin recovered the Jewel, and tried to break it with his foot, but was stopped by his own son, who was riding the Deadly Shadow. Fishlegs was furious with his father for abandoning his mother and for his villainy, and challenged him to a duel to the death. Alvin spitefully mocked his son, and calls Fishlegs a coward and not a Treacherous because he could not kill him. Fishlegs was very put off by this, but quickly invented the No-Name tribe, where he is Chief and where only good people are allowed it. In doing this, he disowned Alvin as a father, and is comforted by the Deadly Shadow as being the true son of Termagant and just like his mother. Immediately after, the cries of the Dragon Guardians of Tomorrow sounded, for Alvin had broken the rules of single combat when he interrupted the battle between Furious and Hiccup. The Guardians swooped down and plucked Alvin from the ground, pulling him up out of the atmosphere and to his astronomical death.

Never on earth was Alvin able to be defeated, but the Dragon Guardians gave him death by airy oblivion.

Physical Appearance and Personality

As of his first appearance, in How to Be a Pirate, Alvin has lost his hand (taken by the coffin of Grimbeard the Ghastly), and over the course of the books also loses a leg (taken by Sharkworms), his nose (lost in a volcano), one eye, and his hair (digested by the Monstrous Strangulator's stomach juices). He also develops a rash of bumps or warts all over his body. In some books he wears a metal mask to cover his face. Alvin has serpent tattoos all over his head, arms, and shoulders.

Alvin falls far outside of the typical Viking mold. He is thin and weak (at least in the early books), using treachery instead of fighting honorably to achieve his ends, preferring to poison and plot. He was considered handsome when he had all his hair.  Unlike virtually every other Viking in the Archipelago, he has never had a dragon of his own, as they simply don't like him (with good reason)-Toothless especially.

In the beginning, Alvin's first instinct is self preservation. In How to Be a Pirate his hatred of Hiccup isn't personal, it is just because he is the Heir of Grimbeard the Ghastly, whose coffin he blames for cutting off his hand. Eventually his hatred of Hiccup for ruining everything becomes stronger than his own and he becomes more evil and less cunning. He has an ability to get out of really nasty scrapes, similar to Hiccup's actually. 

He is also extremely selfish, more so than even Toothless. In the last book his mother tries to get him to think of a kind deed he has done, ANYTHING, but he can only think of the time he let off whipping the slaves for a bit because he was developing blisters on his hand.

He only keeps his word to himself. He is named Treacherous, after all.

He does tend to act a little whiny around his mother, and is a little lazy.

Human Relationships

Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III

Alvin is Hiccup's archenemy in the books. He first appeared in How to Be a Pirate. Like most of the Hooligan tribe, Hiccup at first thought very well of him, although he started to doubt him when Toothless said he believed the man to be an Outcast, an accusation later proven true. At first, Alvin simply wanted to kill Hiccup because he had promised himself that he would kill Grimbeard the Ghastly's Heir. When Alvin and Hiccup met again in How to Speak Dragonese, Alvin was really angry at Hiccup and Fishlegs for "abandoning" him in the Caliban Caves, while in reality they though he was dead. After Hiccup foiled him several times, Alvin's grudge against him became far more personal and consumed him almost entirely. By the time Excellinor, his mother, forced him to higher aspirations, Alvin's hatred of Hiccup had grown so great that the boy's death meant more to him than his own freedom or survival. Alvin is one of the few people who has learned not to underestimate Hiccup, and views him as a serious threat.


Alvin hated his mother. She always pushed him and tried at every end to make him the King of the Wilderwest. Excellinor even scolded him every time he messed up such as: when they first met in 20 years and she saw that he wasn't close to being king and had lost many body parts, and when Alvin got in third place in the sword fighting tournament that was hosted at Flashburn's School of Swordfighting to decide who the King of the Wilderwest should be. Alvin showed this hatred after his mother scolded him on Berserk when he murmured angrily toward Hiccup that he let her out, and stated that that was by far the worse thing Hiccup had done to him.

Fishlegs No-Name

For the majority of the series Alvin doesn't think much about Fishlegs. Alvin just looks down on him. When Fishlegs comes to realization that Alvin is his father in How to Fight a Dragon's Fury, Fishlegs and the Deadly Shadow confront Alvin. Fishlegs says that after fifteen years of looking for his family, he would've never dreamed his father was Alvin. Fishlegs asks Alvin how he could have a father he hates, with Alvin replying that it's perfectly possible, as he has had a mother he's hated for years. Desperately, Fishlegs says that there has to be something positive about Alvin. Fishlegs then proceeds to ask his father is he likes poetry, with Alvin replying that he hates it. Alvin then said that if he had a runt like Fishlegs for a son, he would be the first to place him in a lobster pot and send him out to sea. Fishlegs became Berserk after Alvin states that he has no regrets for abandoning his mother,Termagant. Fishlegs then challenges Alvin to a duel. Alvin taunts Fishlegs and tells him that he will allow him to kill him, but Fishlegs doesn't have it in himself to kill. Alvin then continues to taunt Fishlegs, and tells him that he is not a treacherous. Fishlegs then proceeded to "put him into an imaginary lobster-pot" amd "cast him out as his father."


Snotface Snotlout

Stoick the Vast


Dragon Relationships



"I promise. Word of a Treacherous"



  • The name "Alphones" in How to Break a Dragon's Heart might be a play off "Alvin" and "phony."
  • Book Alvin was not an Outcast due to being exiled, he was instead born into it. However, he was cast out from the Outcasts after losing his hair.
  • Alvin was of the same generational line as Stoick and Baggybum, making them his second cousins. Hiccup and Snotlout would be his second cousins once removed.

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