The Amber Slavelands, or Uglithug Slavelands, is an area located on the Mainland of the Barbaric Archipelago. Inside the Amber Slavelands is located, Prison Darkheart and the Maze of Mirrors. The Amber Slavelands is the primary settings of How to Seize a Dragon's Jewel.


The Amber Slavelands is located in southern part of the Eastern Barbaric Archipelago, and the Mainland. To the east of the Amber Slavelands lies the Flaming Forest. To the northwest lies Bloodspilt Bay. To the north lies a mountain range that includes Flashburn's School of Swordfighting on one of the peaks.

Notable Locations

Prison Darkheart

Prison Darkheart was a massive fort that spanned for miles. Darkheart housed the slaves and was known for being unescapable. When the Alvinsmen took over Darkheart they placed many of their new weapons on top of the outside walls such as catapults and machines which could release multiple arrows. They were very effective for holding off the Dragon Rebellion’s attacks every night. This gained the Prison a reputation for being impregnable.

Maze of Mirrors

The Maze Of Mirrors is underneath the surface of the Amber Slavelands. As the name suggests there is a huge labyrinth full of large glass-like shards, creating a difficult maze. In a certain part of the maze, Grimbeard the Ghastly had left a fake Dragon Jewel, which would eventually be found by Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III. At the very end of the maze there was an exit out into the ocean.


The Amber Slavelands is known to be very sandy. During the Second Dragon War, people moved around quickly here in sand yachts.


After the fall of the Kingdom of the Wilderwest, King Grimbeard the Ghastly hid the false Dragon Jewel inside a glass column inside the Maze of Mirrors, which in turn is located underneath the Amber Slavelands.

Around a century later in A Hero's Guide to Deadly Dragons, The Hairy Scary Librarian was sent to the Uglithug Slavelands at the end of the book by Madguts the Murderous.

How to Seize a Dragon's Jewel



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