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(Scene shows Hiccup and Astrid tagging Nadders with yellow paint)

Hiccup: Hey, these Nadders get tagged yellow. That's how we know they belong in Sorrow Island.

Astrid: Like this?[Throws paint with accuracy at the Nadders] You're free to join in! Anytime.

Hiccup: Okay. How about now?

Astrid: Alright, I have to admit. That shield is pretty cool.

Hiccup: Why, thank you. I quite like it too. I'm gonna check on the twins. They're supposed to be marking the Crescent Island dragons.

Astrid: I'm sure that's going really well.

(Scene goes to Ruff and Tuff trying to tag gronckles)

Tuffnut: Haha, cool! I've always wondered what you'll look like purple.

Ruffnut: You know, you could at least say you're sorry.

Tuffnut: You're right, I could. Okay, I'm sorry, that your head got in the way.

Ruffnut: Heard that.

(Ruffnut throws paint into Tuffnut's face. They soon start throwing paint into each other's faces)

Hiccup: Guys!

(The twins throw paint at Hiccup, which he manages to dodge it)

Hiccup: You're supposed to be tagging the dragons. Not each other.

Tuffnut: You know, if you think it through, Hiccup, this is pretty much your fault.

Hiccup: How did you figure that?

Ruffnut: Uh, hello? You armed us with paint. Where did you think that was gonna go? [To Tuffnut] And we're the stupid ones.

Tuffnut: How many of these do we have to do, anyway?

Hiccup: As many as we can. The more dragons we tag on each island, the better we can keep track on where they belong and where they may migrate to.

Ruffnut: Wow! That was... uh...

Hiccup: Fascinating?

Tuffnut:: What's the opposite of fascinating?

Astrid: Hiccup? Isn't it supposed to be one dragon color per island?

Hiccup: Yeah, why?

Astrid: I see two colors down there. Have we been using the wrong one?

Hiccup: I don't think so.

Tuffnut: Don't look at us. If we had green paint, you know where it would be.

Hiccup: Well I better ask Fishlegs. This was his idea.

Astrrd: You're gonna fly all the way back to Berk?

Hiccup: No, I don't have to.

Ruffnut: What's he talking about?

Tuffnut: He must have some of that magic paper we've been talking about.

Ruffnut: He always gets the good stuff.

Hiccup: It's not magic paper. Fishlegs and I have been working on something new. We call it: Airmail.

Tuffnut: Stupid name.

Ruffnut: Right?

Astrid: Do you really think that Terrible Terror's gonna fly all the way to Berk?

Hiccup: Yep, and right to the academy. Terrors are specially territorial, so it's a natural instinct to return where they were released.

Astrid: And how will we know if he made it?

Hiccup: When Fishlegs and Snotlout meet us at Dragon Island.

Astrid: Please. If that happens, I will kiss Snotlout on the lips.

(Scene goes to Snotlout and Fishlegs waiting on dragon island)

Hiccup: Well look who it is. Fishlegs and Snotlout! Both right here on Dragon Island.

[Snotlout wakes up and looks over at Hiccup and Astrid]

Hiccup: Astrid was just talking about you.

Snotlout: Hmhm, of course she was.

[Hiccup looks over and makes a kissing noises at Astrid]

Astrid: Say it, and it will be the last words you ever say.

Fishlegs: Hiccup, I got your message. I knew Air Mail would work. So, uh whats the emergency.

Hiccup: We've been seeing dragons painted green on crescent island.

Snotlout: That's your emergency? I was in the middle of something very important.

Fishlegs: You were sound asleep.

Snotlout: Beauty Rest, do you think this [points to face] just happened?

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