Art Edler Brown, credited must commonly as Art Brown is one of the showrunners for the DreamWorks Dragons: The Series on Cartoon Network and Dragons: Race to the Edge series on Netflix.


Art Brown began his career writing and co-producing the feature film Best Men, starring Drew Barrymore, and went to write The Doughboys for Universal Studios. Soon after, Art was brought on by Warner Bros. and Flower Films to write a sequel to the Wizard of Oz. Art has also written and produced a number of family movies, along with his writing and producing partner Douglas Sloan. In 2009, they wrote and served as executive producers on Nickelodeon’s The Boy who Cried Werewolf, starring Brooke Shields which received a Writer’s Guild of America Award nomination and won the Director’s Guild of America award.

Art had just finished work on another movie for Nickelodeon when he and Doug were approached to help write for the new DreamWorks Dragons series. Riders and Defenders were already in production, and they hadn't even seen the first movie yet. But at seeing it at the home of their representative, they instantly fell in love with it. Art started out as just a writer for the show, but quickly found himself and Doug to be the executive producers and showrunners, and held onto those positions into the production of Race to the Edge.


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