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Astrid's Monstrous Nightmare is an unnamed male Monstrous Nightmare who appeared in both "Heather Report, Part 1" and "Heather Report, Part 2". He was trained by Astrid Hofferson.


The Outcasts and Astrid

During the events of "Heather Report, Parts One and Two", the Outcasts were trying to train him, but with no results.

He was the dragon chosen for Astrid to train, who was disguised as Heather and was hoping for a Deadly Nadder. She first tried to approach him slowly, but he flamed up, knocking her back. Astrid then tried the direct approach by grabbing his tail. This just made the dragon angry and he flung her off. Astrid then remembered how Snotlout pinned Hookfang's horns to the ground to calm him down, and did the same to the fiery reptile. He was relaxed and bonded with Astrid. When Alvin brought out Heather's adoptive parents, she, after apologizing, punched the Monstrous Nightmare's nose so he would flame up and attack. He returned at the end when Alvin was about to throw Astrid off a cliff and saved her. It is assumed he is now living on Berk.

Appearance and Personality

This Monstrous Nightmare is magenta, purple, and yellowish orange in color.

Like most Nightmares, he is hot tempered and easy to anger, which was demonstrated when Astrid Hofferson tried to train him and when she hit him on the snout. However, he is also shown to be forgiving, seeing how he rescued her from Alvin the Treacherous. This could also mean he was intelligent enough to later figure out she only hit him in order to rescue Heather's parents.


  • This Monstrous Nightmare is the first dragon from Outcast Island to be trained as well as the first to be moved to Berk, with the second being Flystorm.
  • This dragon is the second dragon that Astrid has trained, with the first being Stormfly, the third being Sneaky, and the fourth being Axewing.
  • His colors are very similar to those of both Fanghook and Girl Hookfang.
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