Astrid's Mother is mentioned but not seen or properly named in the How to Train Your Dragon Franchise.


Bequeathing her Axe to her Daughter

At an undisclosed time, Astrid's Mother passes on her Battle Axe to her daughter, Astrid. Astrid was using this axe by the time of the events in How to Train Your Dragon, at about 15 years old. This indicates that Astrid's mother was in part a warrior as well as a parent.

Loss of her Home

At some point during the episode "Astrid's Team", Dagur attacked Berk, destroying several buildings, one of which was the house of Astrid's mother and father. Fortunatly, the two were out at the Yak Races at the time and were perfectly safe. This event, however, spurred Astrid to form the Dragon Riders' Auxillary to protect Berk at all times.


Astrid's Mother has insomnia, and gets some Lavender from Trader Johann to make a soothing tea.

"Astrid's mother is having trouble falling asleep. A soothing cup of lavender tea should do the trick!"
School of Dragons

Improving her Helmet

Astrid's Mother wants to make her helmet more comfortable and asks for bunny fur to line it with.

"Bunny fur is also called 'lapin'. Astrid's mother wants new fur lining for her helmet!"
School of Dragons


How to Train Your Dragon

Astrid's Mother is mentioned in a deleted scene (deleted due to length) from the first movie, in which Astrid comes to Gobber's Smithy and asks Hiccup to sharpen the blade of her axe. She asks him to be careful with it, as it belongs to her mother.

Dragons: Race to the Edge, Season 2

Astrid's Mother is mentioned in the beginning of the episode "Team Astrid" when Astrid discovers that her parents' house is destroyed. Fortunately, Gobber informs her that her parents are fine. Astrid confirms this later when Hiccup asks about her parents and she says they're ok, suggesting she saw them sometime between her seeing her childhood house in ruins and Hiccup's inquiry that evening.


School of Dragons

Astrid's Mother is mentioned in a Farm Job asking the player to grow some lavender to make a soothing tea. She is mentioned again in another Farm Job asking for bunny fur.



  • Though not referenced directly, it's implied that Astrid has a close relationship with her mother in the episode "Breakneck Bog", because she's the only one who deeply empathises with Hiccup's desire to find the gift from his long lost mother.


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