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Although this article is based on canonical information, the actual name of this subject is pure conjecture.

Astrid's old axe (which had previous belonged to her mother) is a weapon Astrid carries in How to Train Your Dragon and through all the seasons of DreamWorks Dragons: The Series and Dragons: Race to the Edge.


Unlike Astrid's current axe, her old axe used to have a pretty standard and common design.

The blades of the head already looked worn and rusty in the first movie, which insinuates that this axe has had a fair amount of use. There seems to be leather twirled around the shaft for a good grip.


Shortly after Astrid's introduction, she is seen sitting in the background holding her axe. She uses it on several occasions throughout the movie, and seems to enjoy fiddling with it, especially sharpening it.

Astrid's old axe also makes several appearances in the two TV series'. The head of the axe seems to be much more refined and polished in newer seasons suggesting she may have had it professionally cleaned at some point.

It's suggested that sometime around age 20 Astrid gets a new axe, as only the new one is seen in How to Train Your Dragon 2. It is yet uncertain what happened to her old one.



  • In a deleted scene which was cut from the first movie because of the length, it is hinted that Astrid's old axe belongs to her mother.
  • During the "Fright of Passage" flashback, a five year old Astrid is seen carrying around a very similar looking axe.
  • Astrid sleeps with her axe under her pillow.
  • Astrid had allowed Heather to borrow her axe.
  • Snotlout used her axe once to clean Hookfang's talons.
  • In the episode "Snotlout's Angels", it's revealed that the handle has her initials carved in it.

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