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Although this article is based on canonical information, the actual name of this subject is pure conjecture.

Careful, Astrid... That's one mean-looking dummy. [src]
  Snotlout Jorgenson  

Astrid's Training Dummy is a piece of training equipment that Astrid Hofferson uses in the Berk Dragon Training Academy grounds.

Physical Appearance

This wooden dummy takes the form of a thick pillar with a carved dragon head on its tip and numerous wooden protrusions along its side.These protrusions have metal tips and can revolve around the pillar. It has a set of retractable gears and a lever at the base, presumably to reset the dummy to specific forms. It appears that to start the spinning, you would have to crank the lever at the bottom.


Astrid uses this dummy to practice various sword fighting techniques and skills, as well as combat movements like flips, against the dummy, before landing back to the ground and resetting the contraption.


During the events of "Dangers of the Deep", Astrid uses the dummy to practice her moves against the Outcast Tribe attack later. She later beckons Snotlout down to join her, in an attempt to use him as another dummy.

By the events of "The Endless Night", the dummy appears to be rather worn out and battered already due to all the physical training used against it.



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