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This is the list of memorable quotes of Astrid Hofferson in Riders and Defenders of Berk. Feel free to add in more relavant and significant quotes.

Dragons: Riders Of Berk

How to Start a Dragon Academy

" [To Snotlout] Sweet baby Thor in a thunderstorm, GO!"
"You might wanna take notes."
"You do realize there are, like, a bazillion dragons out there, and only one of you?"
"I got used to Stormfly's face being the first thing I see every morning."

Viking for Hire

"(Towards the twins and Snotlout) "Alright, it's our turn. What happens when you shoot fire at the owner of a Deadly Nadder?""

Animal House

"Over here. Hiccup, I'm freezing."
"I know! It was incredible! It was as if their protective instincts just kicked in!"
"Snotlout, what are you doing?! You're all over the place!"
"It's their natural instinct."

The Terrible Twos

"You were right, Stormfly. It was down. I almost died."
"And he came back just like a boomerang!"
"Yeah, then I'd take over. Do you really want that?"
"Torch is a baby."

In Dragons We Trust

"It's not supposed to be fun. It's a 'Hiccup' idea."
"Hello, sir! Uh—ma—ma'am."
"Yes, that is correct. Not my idea."

Alvin and the Outcasts

"Look, Fishlegs is right. Even if Mildew did throw them in the ocean, they're not just gonna wash up on shore here."
"I just hope they're okay."
"My grandfather's frail. He needs his nap."
"Hiccup! What are you doing?"
"Why, did you miss me?"

How to Pick Your Dragon

"At least you got your Dad on a dragon."
"Why don't you just give him the ol' "Honey and The Hatchet"?"
"You know, you tell him something he wants to hear, that's the "Honey" part, before you hit him in the head with something he doesn't. You know, "The Hatchet"."
"Since she's beautiful, people think she's not tough. But you should never underestimate me. Uh, her--uh, us."

Portrait of Hiccup as a Buff Young Man

"Look at all these great leaders. And tomorrow, your picture's going to be hanging right next to them!"
"He does accept you... He just accepts the painting more."
" You're going to go along with this no matter what I say, aren't you? ...Yeah, sounds great!"
" Oh, I'll give you a hard time! Every step of the way!"
"You know, y-you don't have to do this, right?"
"Oh, no! Hurry! Where'd he go?! Hiccup!"
"Keep digging! We've gotta find them!"

Dragon Flower

"It's okay, Stormfly. I'm a soldier. I've been shot at before."
"That's the sound of our dragons getting better."

Heather Report, Part 1

"The only thing under siege is your brain! You're not thinking clearly!"

Heather Report, Part 2

"You can break out of jail as many times as you want, but you're not getting off this island!"
"It's not violence, it's communication!"
"Fine, just stay out of sight. If Alvin sees you, it'll all be over!"
"Parents? She was telling the truth?"


"You know what I always liked about you, Hiccup? You were always a gracious loser. Who knew you'd be such a lousy winner?"
"No Hiccup. No one was a better Viking than you, today." [she kisses him]'"

When Lightning Strikes

"It's okay, girl. Just take it easy."
"I think I just threw up in my mouth"
"But you'll come back, right?"
"I don't know, Mildew, but you got your wish. Hiccup and Toothless are gone."
"Hiccup! They've got Toothless! They're about to float him off to sea."

What Flies Beneath

"Alright, let's run this thing out of here!"
"Seriously, did you just go there?"
"Really? You're going there again? Now?!"
"Don't worry, Hiccup. We'll find him."
"Um, I know what you're thinking, and the answer's no."


"Not bad. Stormfly, spine shot! Well, that's better than last time."
"That guy should be locked up in a cage."
"Hiccup, we have a problem."
"Hiccup, you heard Tuffnut. He went to his dark, soggy, alone place. That could be anywhere."

Defiant One

"And if Hiccup said to go North?"
"He had to double back to get Snotlout."
"And where are Hiccup and Toothless?"
"Okay, Stormfly, tail flip! It's Toothless' tail."

Breakneck Bog

"Uh-huh. Quick spin, huh? With enough food to feed Snotlout's whole family?"
"My grandfather has told me it's pirates."
"The fooooog... the foooooooooog..."
"Just so you know, I'm not going to forget this. And what's with that stupid necklace?"
"Hold on, you guys. That chest is from his mom."

Gem of a Different Color

We Are Family, Part 1

"He has you. And he looks pretty happy if you ask me."
"Hiccup, you made it!"

We Are Family, Part 2

"What were you thinking?! If that was Toothless, you could have killed him!"
"Looks like they've taken their training to a whole new level."

Dragons: Defenders Of Berk

Live and Let Fly

"So, I guess this is the part where I ask if your father changed his mind, and you tell me he didn't, and you're going behind his back . . . again?"
"We both know what the right thing is, Hiccup. But if we're gonna ride dragons behind your father's back, we ALL need to ride dragons behind your father's back."

The Iron Gronckle

The Night and the Fury

"Well, this mission is easy. Dragon Island. You just have to go from this beach on the East side to this cave on the West side."
"So, what do you want to do now?"
"What’s wrong with you?! I almost had those Terrible Terrors. They were right in my hands!!"
"Did he say ... “hunting a Night Fury”?"

Tunnel Vision

"We talked about you thinking, Snotlout. It's not good. For anyone."
"You're gonna charge people for water? That's the dumbest idea I've ever heard."

Race to Fireworm Island

"Whoops! Hate it when it happens."
"You might as well give up now!"
"Hiccup, you're so predictable."

Fright of Passage

"You want some of this?! That's right! Who's next?!"
"You think it's funny Snotlout?! You think its a joke that my family name was ruined by that dragon?!"
"Are you actually saying that to me with a straight face?"
"What do you think I'm doing? Defending Berk! And my family honor! We'll see who's a coward!"
"Leave Berk now, and never come back! Here I am, ungodly beast—Fearless Astrid Hofferson! Come and get me, if you dare!"
"I knew my uncle wasn't afraid of that dragon. He was paralyzed by it."

Worst in Show

Appetite for Destruction

"Please. If that happens, I'll kiss Snotlout on the lips."
"Say it, and those will be the last words you ever speak."
"'Chomp, chomp, 'there goes your island' big!"
"No one is kissing me on the lips, ever!"

Zippleback Down

"Is it wrong to root for the trap?"

A View to a Skrill, Part 1

"Be careful. The lightning is attracted to metal, and you two are wearing a lot more metal than the rest of us."

The Flight Stuff

Free Scauldy

" Seeing you, as if for the first time!"
" Let's fly, lover boy!"


"We've been stuck inside for a week straight because of this crazy weather. We're all starting to go a little nuts."
"Everyone's fine. Well, except for."
"Stormfly, time to spike that Stinger!"
"Hiccup there's just too many of them! We're surrounded!"

A Tale of Two Dragons

"Get out of my way, I have to get to the Great Hall."
" Did you know you could do that? I bet Snotlout didn't know you could do that!"
" Is that... chicken?"
" Ok, so maybe I brought Hookfang a little breakfast."

The Eel Effect

"Wait, Hiccup! You've got all the other... [sighs] ingredients."
"I don't know! He should be here. He went off to get the last ingredient."
"Gothi and I will get everything ready for when you get back."
"Hiccup, you're okay!"

Smoke Gets in Your Eyes

"And some of us are taking it pretty hard."
"Hiccup, everything we own is metal."
" It's getting late. We'll start again in the morning."

Bing! Bam! Boom!

Cast Out, Part 1

"I'm gonna take your helmet and shove it up your dirty, little, rotten—"

Cast Out, Part 2

"You were about to tell them that they have nothing to worry about, and you have everything under control."
"This came for you. It's from Dagur."
"It's a trap. You know that."
"Hiccup has an idea to stop the Screaming Death. But we're gonna need to lure it to Outcast island."
"Don't thank us yet. Things are about to get a lot crazier."
"Hiccup? We need you."