Badmist Mountain is a mountain located at the North of Berk.

Official Description

"This mountain range sits at the northern edge of Berk and is one of Toothless' favorite spots. If he's not with Hiccup, chances are you'll find him here...if you can see through the thick fog!"
Dragons: Rise of Berk


Badmist Mountain is shrouded in thick fog, hence, its name. This mountain has many deep valleys and mountain ranges, and is covered almost entirely with lush greenery. It is surrounded by a fjord with several small sea stacks. The island the mountain rests on has several small lakes, which can be assumed to be hot springs as they emit a dense fog-like mist.



DreamWorks Dragons: Wild Skies

Toothless can be found and trained on Badmist Mountains.

Dragons: Rise of Berk



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