Bam is a baby Thunderdrum dragon that appears in the episode Bing! Bam! Boom! His color is blue, the same as Thornado.


Meeting His Adoptive Father

In the episode "Bing! Bam! Boom!", Ruffnut Thorston and Tuffnut Thorston named Bam. Like Bing and Boom, they were chased by wild dragons from Dragon Island to the sea stacks but is taken care of by Thornado on Dragon Island

Escape from The Reaper

It is revealed that Bing, Bam, and Boom were mysteriously locked up in the Reaper's hull. After rescuing them, both they and Thornado return to the School to live there.


In "Bing! Bam! Boom!", it was shown that Bam is very mischievous like his brothers.

According to the Book of Dragons in Dragons: Rise of Berk, it was revealed Bang is the quietest of the three triplets, though that doesn't say much with Thunderdrums.


  • Although Bam is blue in the series, he is green in the game Rise of Berk. This appears to be a mix up with Bing's colour.
  • Dragonpedia incorrectly refers to him as "Bang".

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