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      Bashem is an island located in the Barbaric Archipelago.


Bashem is located in the central part of the Barbaric Archipelago. Adjacent from the west lies the Puffin Isles. Ajdacent to the north is the Visithug Territory. Adjacent from the east is the Isle of the Skullions, and to the south lies Villainy.


Bashem is rather small, but still considerably larger than the Isle of Berk.

Notable Locations

Oyster Beds

Even though the Oyster Beds don't make any acutal appearance due to the fact that the island itself doesn't, it can be presumed that it is full of Oysters.


The tribe that inhabits Bashem is called the Bashem Oiks. Many can be assumed to be oyster farmers by trade.


Bashem doesn't make any actual appearances in the books, just on maps.



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