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Basic Browns are, as the name suggests, basic and brown. They closely resemble the Common or Garden Dragon, to the point where their features and stats are the same. The Vikings of the Barbaric Archipelago use them as Hunting Dragons and are often pets as well.

Traits and Abilities

Basic Browns are brown and slightly larger that Common or Garden Dragons. They have no specialized abilities, and are average in hunting, flying, and fire-breathing. One interesting trait, though, is some individuals can be almost completely vegetarian, which is unusual when dragons are almost strict carnivores.

To note: some stats vary between The Incomplete Book of Dragons and the "Viking Dragons and Their Eggs" info page in Book 1.


In How to Train Your Dragon, the first Book, the young Viking must catch their first Hunting Dragons from the Dragon Caves during winter, when most dragons hibernate. Hiccup grabs a basic brown, but upon seeing Fishlegs did not get a dragon, Hiccup gives him this basic brown. Hiccup grabs another dragon, which later turns out to be Toothless. Fishleg's basic brown is named Horrorcow, and is almost exclusively a vegetarian. She is a poor hunter, but very good-natured.


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