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Toothless waking Hiccup up at the end of How to Train Your Dragon.

The Vikings of Berk sleep just like everyone else. And what better to sleep on than Berkian beds.


Berkian beds are traditionally made of wood, with decorative carvings on the frame as well as on the head and foot boards. Carvings on the headboard are often also dyed another color, giving them an element of beauty. They also usually have four posts, the two at the head with an animal, usually a dragon, carved on the top.

Being Vikings, they're tough, and must not need much in the way of comfort, because they always sleep directly on the wood planks, without even an animal pelt for cushion. A small sack, likely stuffed with straw, is used as the pillow. And a single quilt is usually their only covering. Given they usually sleep in their clothes, including boots, they must not need much warmth, either.


Beds make many appearances, starting with How to Train Your Dragon when Hiccup wakes up at home after the fight with the Red Death, and losing a leg. We see another number of good closeups of
Night of the Hunters part I118

Astrid's bed at the Edge in Night of the Hunters Part 1.

Hiccup's bed in Gift of the Night Fury where he wakes up a number of times in anticipation of flying with Toothless. We get glimpses of the other kids' beds throughout the TV series, and occasionally a random Viking sleeping in their bed, particularly in Smoke Gets in Your Eyes. Aside from variations in the carvings, most beds look very similar.

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