The Berserker Herald appears and is listed in the credits in the Dragons: Riders of Berk episode "Twinsanity", then again in the Dragons: Defenders of Berk episode "The Night and the Fury".


Announcing Dagur as the Chief of the Berserkers

The Chief of the Berserker Tribe makes an annual visit to the Isle of Berk. However, in "Twinsanity", the new chief arrives - Dagur the Deranged. The Berserker Herald announces him to Chief Stoick when their ship docks at Berk.

"Presenting the high Chief of the Berserker tribe, cracker of skulls, slayer of beasts, the great and fearsome... Dagur the Deranged!"
―Berserker Herald

Waiting for Dagur at Dragon Island

The Berserker Herald accompanies Dagur to Dragon Island to hunt dragons in "The Night and the Fury", along with other crew members. He and the other Berserkers stay on the ship while Dagur goes to the island alone. Dagur meets up with the Dragon Riders and eventually discovers that the Hooligans are indeed friendly with dragons, having lied to him in the past. Dagur rushes to his ship and alerts his men to the situation.

"So, Berk does train dragons? I should kill that runt for lying."
―Berserker Herald



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