Between a Rock and a Hard Place (transcript)
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Hiccup: Ugghh.

Snotlout: What are we landing for? They're pulling away,. Hookfang, Come on.

Hiccup: No, there's too many. And they're sailing in tight formation.

Snotlout: I'll show you a tight formation.

Fishlegs: Hiccup's right. We'll never be able to approach that convoy without being spotted first.

Astrid: We need a distraction.

Hiccup: Leave that to us.

[He shows them a new tail for Toothless]

Snotlout: Hiccup! This no time to play dress up.

Tuffnut: And how can you even think of wearing yellow after Snoggletog? That, my friend is a fashion faux pas.

Ruffnut: Ugghh. How goof!

Hiccup: This one is lighter and stiffer. It's made of a thin sheet of Gronckle Iron. It's not great for long distance flying but...

Fishlegs: Its adjustability will allow you to fly along the water surface without using any wing flap it's ingenious!

Hiccup: Exactly, Fishlegs. We're gonna glide in right under their sight line. Watch for my signal!

Tuffnut: Honestly, I would have stuck with the red. Yellow with Night Fury black? Really? Please!

Hiccup: Now bud!


Fishlegs: That's our signal. Let's go!

Snotlout: About time. Giddy-up!

Snotlout: Auhaa.

[Hookfang sets their sails on fire]

[Stormfly shoots a spin shot at one of the hunters and that make him jump off the ship]

Tuffnut: YES, fire!

Heather: Windshear, down!

[Windshear slices their sails]

Snotlout: Boo-Yeah.

[The dragon hunters surrender]

Hiccup: We'll be taking your cargo now. Alright, come on, Fishlegs. Let's free these dragons so we can help with the other ships.

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