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The Big Spotted Gormless is a large dragon primarily seen in The Incomplete Book of Dragons.

Big Spotted Gormlesses remained unaligned in the Dragon Rebellion.

Traits and Abilities

Big Spotted Gormlesses, true to their name, are depicted as having large black spots on a green background. They can have more than one head, and can be larger than a small Viking village. Gormlesses have poor eyesight, and will on occasion sit on a village. However, it is not purposeful—they are rather docile and non-aggressive.

Gormlesses are one of the few vegetarian dragons, and feast on forests and other wooded areas. They are not known to be very bright. This is contributed to be the cause of their poor mating drive. Because of this, Big Spotted Gormlesses are rather rare. That said, they have enough intelligence to be able to speak Dragonese.

Incidentally, Gormlesses are mentioned very briefly in How to Speak Dragonese. In the following excerpt they are clearly not depicted as being excessively large, as they are trapped with other dragons on a large Roman ship.

"An enormous number and variety of dragon species were being held prisoner behind the bars of this cage. Deadly Nadders, Flying 'Gators, Big Spotted Gormlesses, Yellow Vampires, Common or Gardens - you name it, they were all there, trapped together in a furious tangle of talons and wings and fangs, ready to be sent back to the restaurants and shoemakers in Rome."
How to Speak Dragonese



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