Bigjob was the chief of the Hysterics and father of Norbert the Nutjob. A great adventurer, Bigjob once went on a quest to the legendary land of America, in his ship the American Dream, using Grimbeard the Ghastly's ticking thing to navigate. He brought back the Vegetable that No One Dares Name, otherwise known as the potato. On the way back, he was attacked by a Doomfang and frozen to death; the Doomfang has lurked outside the harbor of Hysteria ever since, preventing the Hysterics from using their ships or Norbert from proving his father right (and America not legendary after all) by going on another expedition.

Bigjob's corpse-- complete with potato in hand, and an American arrow stuck deep into the potato-- was kept frozen in Norbert's great hall, surrounded by Squealers, tremendously noisy alarm dragons. A Hysteric prophecy said that whoever pulled the arrow from the potato would be the hero who saved Hysteria from the Doomfang.

The American Dream was hauled out of the harbor and maintained as a monument to Bigjob's expedition in the center of the Hysteric village. When Norbert later launched his own expedition to America, he named his ship the American Dream 2 in honor of his father.

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