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Bing is a baby Thunderdrum who appeared in the eighteenth episode of Dragons: Defenders of Berk. Ruffnut and Tuffnut named the baby dragon Bing. Bing, Bam and Boom were chased by wild dragons from Dragon Island to some sea stacks. At the end of the episode Thornado offers them protection which allows them to safely live on Dragon Island.

According to the Book of Dragons in Dragons: Rise of Berk, Bing is the oldest of the three triplets.


Meeting Thornado

Encounter with The Reaper

It is revealed that Bing, Bam, and Boom were mysteriously locked up in the Reaper's hull. After rescuing them, both they and Thornado return to the School to live there.


  • Bing is the first Thunderdrum to be seen with the color of teal.
  • Although Bing is teal in the series, he is blue in the game Rise of Berk. This appears to be a mix up with Bam's color

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Dradon site logo Bing in the Dragonpedia.

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