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Bjorn Boar is a Wild Boar that appears to be an acquaintance of Ruffnut and Tuffnut.


Attacked by Changewings

"Tuffnut: "Hey, don't we know that boar?"
Ruffnut: "Yeah we do. That's Bjorn Boar."
Tuffnut: "You leave Bjorn alone!"
(Changewings turn to face the twins)
Tuffnut: "You're on your own, Bjorn!"
―Tuffnut and Ruffnut in "Live and Let Fly"

In the Dragons: Defenders of Berk episode "Live and Let Fly", the Dragon Riders go to Changewing Island to study the Changewings there. The Riders silently watch as a pack of dragons hunt a trio of boars and single out one to attack. The Twins cannot remain silent, and call out for the dragons to leave the boar alone, as they say they know him as Bjorn Boar. The boar is saved, but the Riders are now the focus of the Changewings' attention and flee the island.

Life on Dragon's Edge

In the Dragons: Race to the Edge episode, Maces and Talons, Part 1, Ruffnut indicates Bjorn Boar now lives on Dragon's Edge. Hiccup frequently needs to chase him from his hut. Ruffnut uses this to her advantage in order to steal the Dragon Eye, which actually briefly protects it from the Dragon Hunters.

Bjorn Boar is also mentioned in the episode, "The Zippleback Experience", where Tuffnut mentions that Bjorn Boar lost a competition (it is unknown what kind of competition) and Ruffnut say that it was a sad day because of it.