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The Blubberwing is mentioned dragon. They are only mentioned at the beginning of the Friendly Inter-Tribal Swimming Race when it is said that Vikings use their fat to protect themselves from the icy cold waters of the sea.

"Don't be a softy!" roared Gobber. "The Blubberwing fat you have rubbed all over you SHOULD keep you warm enough to prevent actual DEATH ... but its all part of the game of course."
Gobber the Belch

Specifically, Gobber the Belch is referring to the young Hooligan contenders of the Inter-Tribal Swimming Race. Later, Dogsbreath the Duhbrain dumps a "pot of slimy green Blubberwing goo" all over Fishlegs.

No description or information is given about the Blubberwing, though it might be inferred from its name that it is rather . . . blubbery.[1]


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