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The Blue Oleander is a type of flower. They are very beautiful and very soft, as well as poisonous to reptiles (according to a botany book belonging to Fishlegs, Chapter 8). As the name suggests, these flowers are blue in color and almost resembles a Hibiscus, as well as an average Oleander. They have a dark blue shade at the edges of their petals, and a lighter shade towards the middle. It is also revealed that Scauldrons love to eat the Blue Oleander and that the Scauldron's venom cures all the effects created and caused by Blue Oleander on other reptiles including Dragons.


DreamWorks Dragons

Dragons: Riders of Berk

The villagers board Trader Johann's ship and start trading with him. Even Mildew is seen receiving a mysterious item in exchange for some cabbage. Later on, when the dragons begin falling mysteriously ill, the gang discover a bush of flowers, that was never seen before. Recalling from his botany book, Fishlegs identifies them as the Blue Oleander, a flower that is poisonous to reptiles, including dragons. Hiccup orders Fishlegs to retrieve the buried botany book from the pit to find an antidote. Later, it is found out that the dragons can be cured by the venom of a Scauldron. When a Scauldron eats the Blue Oleander, the venom that it produces can be used as an antidote to cure the sick dragons. After a few events, the dragons are cured and they become their usual self.[1]

Dragons: Race to the Edge

The Blue Oleander reappears on one of the islands the Riders search for a base camp. They quickly leave before the flower takes affect on the dragons, though Barf & Belch sneeze once.[2] Another island, Botany Blight, was known to have the Blue Oleander, which was why Viggo chose the location to discuss a truce with Hiccup.[3]


  • Despite being affected by the flower, Terrible Terrors appear to be attracted to them.
  • Scauldrons are the only dragons so far that are not only immune to the flower, but also are able to eat it.
    • However, it was later discovered that the Blue Oleander also has an effect on Scauldrons. When Scauldrons eat too much Blue Oleander at one time, they can change it's green color to blue color. Though this effect has been confirmed, it is unknown if the effect is only temporary or permanent. The most likely explanation is that the effect wears off as Blue Oleander-free time goes by.
  • The blue oleander shares a resemblance to the "rock blossoms" needed for the Eel Pox cure from The Eel Effect.
  • The blue oleander's cousin, the purple oleander, isn't poisonous to reptiles, and in fact can be used as a cure for dragon root infection.
  • In real life, the Oleander plant family is actually poisonous. It causes irregular heartbeat in humans. But no Oleander is blue.


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