I'm sorry I locked you in here, away from your home and your family. I should not have been so selfish. But don't you worry. We're gonna get you out of here and back to where you belong. [src]
  — Fishlegs  

Bolt & Float is a male Seashocker who first appeared in "Shock and Awe". He befriended Fishlegs and the other Dragon Riders who helped him in returning to his pod. His name was revealed in Dragons: Rise of Berk.

Official Description

Fishlegs' love of studying got this Seashocker trapped in Edge Cove. Fortunately, Fishlegs is a fast learner, and was able to help free the Dragon before it was too late.
  Dragons: Rise of Berk  


Entrapment and Freedom

In "Shock and Awe", Bolt & Float was separated from his pod and ended up in a lagoon. Fishlegs was eager to study the dragon and barricaded the lagoon entrance with Meatlug's lava blasts. After Fishlegs brought Hiccup and the other Dragon Riders to the lagoon, however, the Seashocker became agitated after a while and attempted to escape his confinements. As Hiccup and the others started to destroy the barricaded lagoon entrance, Fishlegs befriended Bolt & Float.

When Fishlegs tried to let the Seashocker escape the lagoon, a pack of Scauldrons arrived after being drawn in from the explosions caused by the other Dragon Riders' dragons. After a lengthy chase and the Dragon Riders distracting the Scauldrons, the Seashocker managed to escape. However, more Scauldrons arrived. Luckily, Fishlegs rescued Bolt & Float by jumping on his back and joining his two heads together, creating a powerful electric field that knocked back the Scauldrons. Afterwards, the Seashocker reunites with his pod and together, they use their electrical shocks to drive off the Scauldrons.

Physical Appearance

Bolt & Float have blue scales with dark-colored dorsal blades.


Bioluminescence: Bolt & Float is able to glow for better vision and navigation in deeper, darker waters.

Electrokinesis: Just like his own species, Bolt & Float is able to manipulate electricity and use it as an attack. He can also use his electrical-based powers as a defensive mechanism, being able to create a large electrical field strong enough to repel a pack of Scauldrons. They can also apparently eject Fishlegs up to approximately 60 feet.

Echolocation: Like all Seashockers, Bolt & Float is able to use echolocation to detect prey, similar to how bats and dolphins use this tactic to hunt for food.


  • In chronological order, he is the first Seashocker to be seen and named.


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