Boom is the third and the youngest of the three triplets, revealed from Dragons: Rise of Berk. He appears in the eighteenth episode of Dragons: Defenders of Berk as a baby.

Official Description

"The purple adolescent is the youngest and most undisciplined of the triplets. Yes, someone actually figured that out... the hard way."
Dragons: Rise of Berk


Boom is a baby Thunderdrum that Thornado is currently taking care of. Boom's name was originally going to be Lloyd as chosen by Tuffnut but was changed by Fishlegs to make more sense. But Tuffnut still wants his name to be Lloyd, or Darren. Like Bing and Bam, they were chased by wild dragons from Dragon Island to the sea stacks.

According to the Book of Dragons in Dragons: Rise of Berk, Boom is the youngest and most undisciplined of the triplets. And Snotlout found that out...the hard way.

School of Dragons

It is revealed that Bing, Bam, and Boom were mysteriously locked up in the Reaper's hull. After rescuing them, both they and Thornado return to the School to live there.



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