The Bullguard Slavedragon is nominally featured in How to Betray a Dragon's Hero as a Riding Dragon for Alvin the Treacherous (Books) and his mother Excellinor, and again in The Incomplete Book of Dragons.

Physical Appearance

Bullguard Slavedragons are heavily armored, making them somewhat slow, but excellent for riding into battle. Like Tonguetwisters, they have multiple eyes in their head.

Bullguard Slavedragons have whiskers. Perhaps, in addition to detecting movement, they help safeguard their multiple eyes.

"The Bullguards hovered suspiciously. Their whiskers were out, feeling the air'."
How to Betray a Dragon's Hero

Bullguards also have some dimorphism amongst members of their species. There are "King" and "Queen" Bullguards. The Queen in particular is noted to be much larger than other Bullguards. It is unclear if King Bullguards are also larger.

"The witch herself was seated on a Queen Bullguard, a dragon rather larger than the rest of its species ... Alvin was on a King Bullguard by her side."
How to Betray a Dragon's Hero


Bullguard Slavedragon eyes are capable of X-ray vision, according to The Incomplete Book of Dragons.

As might be assumed from a dragon, Bullguards can breathe fire. However, a picture of a Bullguard appears to be shooting lightening bolts. No mention is made in any book about the Bullguards having an electrical ability.

"Then a burst of flame from one of the Bullguards hit him, and burning through the safety stirrup, and Hiccup's poor raggedy Fire-Suit could not hold up to the onslaught - the fur underneath caught fire . . ."
How to Betray a Dragon's Hero


According to The Incomplete Book of Dragons, pepper can deter a Bullguard because of the sensitivity of their multiple eyes.


Bullguard Slavedragons are trainable as riding dragons, as seen in How to Betray a Dragon's Hero when Alvin and Excellinor ride out after Hicup on them. Bullguards are often used specifically for battle due to their armored bodies.


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