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The Bullrougher is prized Sky Dragon by Viking warriors for riding and battle. Gobber the Belch had a Bullrougher named Goliath. [1] In How to Fight a Dragon's Fury, Stoick the Vast is shown to ride an unnamed Bullrougher as well.

Bullroughers sided with humans during the Dragon Rebellion. They are mentioned and pictured in the final Book of the series, How to Fight a Dragon's Fury.[2]

Traits and Abilities

Based on pictures of Bullroughers, they appear to be stocky, solid dragons. Many seem to have a single, spiral horn sprouting from their muzzle, while other like the one pictured in the infobox at right, have a straight horn on their nose and another on their foreheads. Some have ear pinna (flaps), while others do not.

It is indicated that Bullroughers are heavy and armored, but despite that, are surprisingly nimble in the air. Bullroughers are also able to speak Dragonese.[3]



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