Butt and Head are the Terrible Terrors that the twins trained in the episode "Worst in Show". They are considered to be the second dragons that Ruffnut and Tuffnut Thorston have officially trained in the series.


"Butt and Head form a twin Terror twosome. What they lack in brain power, they make up with head power... with a dual headbutt attack they learned from Ruffnut and Tuffnut."
Dragons: Rise of Berk


Butt and Head are both yellow with orange points, and the size of typical Terrors. In Rise of Berk, Head seems to have a slightly more green tint to his tail, wings, and horns.


Much like their trainers, Butt and Head appear to be slightly dimwitted as their only apparent skill is headbutting people or each other. They also appear to have an inner prankster, which was demonstrated when attacking Mildew in the head at the same time, from opposite sides.


They have learned from the Twins to headbutt one another. Aside from this, they have shown no sign of other unique abilities or skills.

Headbutting: Ruffnut and Tuffnut trained the two Terrible Terrors to fly into each other. They used this tactic to knock out Mildew on the Outcast ship while they were trying to rescue Meatlug.


  • According to the Rise of Berk Facebook page, Butt is a female. This makes her the only girl of the Trained Terrible Terrors, and the first female dragon Ruffnut has trained.
  • They are the first yellow Terrors to appear in the series.


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