Carlos Grangel (born 1963) is a Spanish character designer for various animated films. Starting as a comic book artist for the german market from the mid 80s to the 1994, and Disney comics for the Dutch market in 1994-1995. He has currently worked as a character designer on eight of DreamWorks Animation feature films, and although not credited for his work, Carlos developed several pieces of concept artwork for How to Train Your Dragon.




  • Inside the Two Worlds of 'The Corpse Bride' (video documentary short) (2006) - himself
  • Making Puppets Tick (video short) (2006) - himself
  • The Periwig-Maker (2000) - character designer

TV Series

  • Miradas 2 (2005) - himself
  • Silenci? (2005) - himself
  • Continuara... (2005) - himself

Concept Art

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