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Champion Catstrophic Quaken is a Catastrophic Quaken seen in Dragons: Rise of Berk.

Official Description

"Trained to be a champion: A Catastrophic Quaken!"
Dragons: Rise of Berk

Physical Appearance

The Champion Catastrophic Quaken has the appearance of a Titan Wing Quaken. It has the colour red, looking like it is covered in lava, with black spots all over its body, excepting the legs and the belly. Its wings are black. Its mouth is glowing orange and his tongue yellow.


  • It is the only dragon which bites twice in Brawl Mode.
  • When it curls into a ball, the Champion Catastrophic Quaken bites its tail. It is unknown if all Quakens do the same thing when they roll up into balls.
  • It resembles a Titan Wing Gronckle.


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