The Chicken Feed Salesman is a minor character named in the credits of the Dragons: Race to the Edge, Season 5 episode, "Sins of the Past".


Selling Chicken Feed

The Chicken Feed Salesman sells grain, particularly special varieties of Corn such as "Archipelago Gold", "Rooster's Pride", and "Berkian Blend". Apparently there is high demand for quality food for chickens in the Barbaric Archipelago. A young Viking boy - Snotlout - looks at his feed merchandise at the Northern Markets. The Chicken Feed Salesman sells him a bag of 'Archipelago Gold' for a coin, his armour, his belt, and his leather tunic.


The next day, Dagur the Deranged and Hiccup are at the Northern Markets, looking for Heather. The Chicken Feed Salesman offers information to them, to avoid being beaten by Dagur. He saw Heather, Snotlout, Johann, Windshear, and Hookfang leaving the island with Krogan and the Dragon Flyers in hot pursuit.


The Chicken Feed Salesman has a peculiar tick - during conversation he not only stutters his "P's", but his eyes roll to opposite sides of their sockets and he flaps his elbows. The behavior is reminiscent of a Chicken.


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