The Chickenpoxer is a riding dragon on the small side. Throughout the book series, they are often compared to the size, appearance, and temperament of a Shetland pony - i.e. small, rotund, and ornery.

In the Book series, Fishleg's first riding dragon is a Chickenpoxer. In The Incomplete Book of Dragons, Snotlout's younger sister Adelaide, also has one.

Traits and Abilities

Chickenpoxers are on the small side for Riding Dragons, and are often used to teach young Vikings how to ride. Behaviorally, they are rather short-tempered and are known to frequently buck off or throw their riders, whether on the ground or air.

Physically they are depicted as being rather compact and squat, with small legs relative to their body size. They are covered with mushroom like protuberances, perhaps lending to the "pox" part of their names. Chickenpoxers have extremely hard heads, and can take a good knock on their noggins.

"Luckily Chickenpoxers have heads built like crash helmets, so that all that happened to the Chickenpoxer was that he saw a few stars."
―after running head-first into a tree trunk




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