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Clawlifter is the Shovelhelm that snatched Hiccup from Toothless and brought him to Valka's Mountain. His name was first revealed in Dragons: Rise of Berk.


"Valka sent this Shovelhelm to grab the mysterious Dragon Rider from his Night Fury, before she knew it was Hiccup!"
Dragons: Rise of Berk


Clawlifter is olive green with purple stripes all over his body.

How to Train Your Dragon 2

In this film, when Valka first met a dragon rider on a Night Fury, she sent Clawlifter to grab him from above. Clawlifter grabbed the young boy as the Night Fury plummeted into the icy lake below them. Then, Clawlifter carried him to his mountain, right behind Valka. The boy attempted to train him but Valka stopped him right before the two of them could touch. After that, it was revealed that the boy was none other than Hiccup—Valka's son.


  • It is the first Shovelhelm known by name, the second being Guslout.

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