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      Dark Deep is an island that appears in many locations in the Franchise, including th TV episode "Quake, Rattle and Roll", as well as several games.

Dark Deep is both the ancestral home of the Gronckles in the Barbaric Archipelago and is one of the only known habitats of the Catastrophic Quaken.

According to Dragons: Rise of Berk, Tide Gliders also live in the area. The Dragon Riders first discovered Dark Deep with the Dragon Eye, when Fishlegs was experimenting with Meatlug's lava.


In all iterations of Dark Deep, it is a dark, craggy island with little to no vegetation. There are many caves with an extensive network of underground tunnels. In the game, School of Dragons, there is also some pools of lava.

In the app Flight of the Night Fury, Dark Deep has a metallic mineral called "Thor's Ore" that is the best material for Viking shields (this game came out before the advent of Gronckle Iron).


Quake, Rattle and Roll

In addition to Gronckles, Dark Deep is also the home to the Catastrophic Quaken –a fearsome Boulder Class dragon that is muscling out the Gronckles for their food source. But the Quaken might have a hidden secret, and the dragon riders must figure it out before the Gronckles are displaced forever.

Flight of the Night Fury (game)

How to Train Your Dragon: Flight of the Night Fury is a defunct iOS app in which Dark Deep (as well as Shivering Shores) appeared. Game play consisted of Hiccup and Toothless flying to collect items, complete tasks, and discover different locations.

Rise of Berk

Dark Deep was a special searchable location several times in the game from 2015-2017. Searchable dragons included: Tormentor, the Smothering Smokebreath, the Night Terror, and most recently Firecomb Crasher, and the Cavern Crasher.

School of Dragons

The island of Dark Deep appeared in the game, along with several other islands, at the release of the Expansion "Battle for the Edge" in December 2015. There are two locations for fishing.

In game play, there are several quests involving Dark Deep, including helping to save a Prickleboggle from the Dragon Hunters cage.


  • Dark Deep's terrain is similar to Outcast Island's.
  • Dark Deep does not have plant life because the dragon inhabitants eat rock.



A4320bfb10853844e8d50a3a78b42219 Dark Deep on Hiccup's Map.

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