Death Ride is a Premium Whispering Death that appeared in Dragons: Rise of Berk. It serves the role of Tuffnut's new Whispering Death as he had always wanted one.


Berk better watch out! Tuffnut has always wanted a Whispering Death and now he finally has one. Who knows what kind of mischief these two will get into!

Physical Appearance

Death Ride is a reddish brown body. However, its mouth and wings glow bright blue and blue colored flames of similar color emerge from its eye sockets.


  • In the game, orange flames spiral around the dragon. They also seem to come from its eyes, which could make it hard for this dragon to see, possibly allowing him to cause more destruction.
  • Death Ride is a reference to What Flies Beneath, where Tuffnut states many times that he wants a Whispering Death.