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The Devilish Dervish has a cameo appearance in the book series as Snotlout's first riding dragon, in How to Twist a Dragon's Tale.

"Snotface Snotlout was riding the best dragon there, a smooth, evil-looking Devilish Dervish."
How to Twist a Dragon's Tale

Traits and Abilities

In terms of appearance, the Devilish Dervish actually looks very much like an ordinary western dragon, with two wings and four legs. They are described as a superb, shining creature, and have long spikes down their lower back. Devilish Dervishes can speak Dragonese. According to The Complete Book of Dragons, they are known to be very quick on the wing, "Faster than falcons and slicker than witches". Devilish Dervishes are very bold and quick to take action, as well as rather difficult to control.