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Dragons are Earth's second dominant species, a race of powerful reptiles with two distinguishing characteristics: flight and fire production (although not all dragons have both/either). Most species have a fear of eels, a limited number of 'shots', and a blind spot. Within the species, there are many different breeds, ranging in size, shape, color, and abilities, from the dog-sized Terrible Terror to the gargantuan Bewilderbeast. Some dragon species can have different colored scales amongst individual specimens (such as the Stormcutter, Deadly Nadder, Gronckle, Monstrous Nightmare, Hideous Zippleback, Rumblehorn, Hotburple, Typhoomerang, Snaptrapper, and the Thunderdrum) while some retain the same color throughout their breed (such as the Night Fury, Scauldron, Skrill, and the Timberjack.)

They are most likely warm blooded, strong evidence of that is obviously the fact they live up in the cold north and also with some species (such as the Gronckle, Scauldron, and the Hotburple) being able to take in things from their environment like geological minerals and water and produce enough internal heat to melt and/or boil the materials. The Book of Dragons shows that there are rumored five stages in a dragon's growth: Egg, Tiny Tooth, Short Wing, Broad Wing, and the incredibly rare Titan Wing.

While the natural diet of most dragons is fish, they will happily eat other things, such as vegetables, and man-made food like bread. The Monstrous Nightmare and the Changewing have been shown hunting wild boars, so it may be that at least some of the other larger, land-based species do also. The Flightmare eats algae suspended in water, which other dragons can also eat. The trained dragons on Berk will not hunt farm animals, but they will accept their cooked meat if given to them by humans. Some can also eat other substances, such as the Gronckle eating rocks for food and to convert to the lava they fire, and the Scauldron enjoy the blue oleander flowers that give its species venom. During the war with the dragons, it is fairly clear that they were also willing to prey on humans, as a Monstrous Nightmare swallowed Gobber's arm and enjoyed it. 

Dragons have three major predators: healthy adults can be in danger from rival dragons and humans, and wild boars prey on young and injured dragons.

Dragons are social animals, living in large colonies with their own kind and other dragon species. This behavior has also moved on to other species such as humans and domestic animals such as sheep, cattle and chickens thanks to training and semi "domesticating" of dragons.

Dragons Size Comparison 1

A size comparison of all the known/named dragon species in the movie franchise


  • The Grapple Grounder appears to be exclusive to the How to Train Your Dragon (game).
  • In the books, dragons pride themselves on being very sneaky and selfish creatures, that only care about their trainers if they feed them. In the movies and series, the exact opposite is shown.
  • In the game, Dragons: Rise of Berk, the dragons can be trained further by Valka to allow them to change to the final stage of a dragon's growth, the Titan Wing.
    • It can be observed that, apart from growing in size, the color of the dragon's scales greatly changes, with only a few parts of its body unchanged.
  • The Titan Wing appears to be a temporary enhancement to the dragon's power as seen with Toothless in How To Train Your Dragon 2.
Dragon Species
Seen in the Books
Arsenic AdderwingBasic BrownBig Spotted GormlessBlubberwingBrainless Leg-RemoverBreathquencherBullingdozerBullrougherBullpuffBurrowing SlitherfangCentideleChickenpoxerCommon or GardenCuckoo DragonDarkbreatherDeadly NadderDeadly ShadowDevilish DervishDimbruiserDreamserpentDriller-DragonDrowsy-Tipped DragonmouseDoomfangEagleflyEight-Legged BattlegoreEight-Legged NadderElectricsquirmElectrictickyEmporor Beetleboog BolderbugExterminatorFire DragonFirestarterFlamehufferFlashfangFlutterfireFlying GatorGiant Bee-EaterGiant DeathwatchGloomerGlow-wormGolphinGoreblufferGorgenghastGreater PricklepineGrimlerGronckleHellteetherHogflyHorrorsHypnomunkLackwitLeviathorganLoafer DragonLong-Eared Caretaker DragonLong-Eared FlutterfireMarsh TigerMonster of the Amber-SlavelandsMonstrous NightmareMonstrous StrangulatorMood-DragonMurderous DragonNanodragonPlankenteeniePoison DarterPoisonous PifflewormPolar-SerpentPricklebogglePricklepinesPuff NadderPuggleRageblastsRaptortongueRavenhunterRazorwingRed-Hot ItchywormRed TigerReptoRhinobackRocket RipperSabre-Tooth Driver DragonSand RattlerSandrazorSavagerScarerSeadragonus Giganticus MaximusSharkwormShortwing SquirrelserpentSidewinderSilver PhantomSkullionSky DragonSlugblobSniffer DragonSnub-Nosed HellteetherSpecklehoundSquealerStealth DragonSticky StealerStickywormStinkdragonSwiftgliderThor's ThundererTiddly-Nip Tick-BothererToothless DaydreamToungetwisterToxic NightshadeTwo-Headed GormatronUnderground Tail-HunterVampire DragonVenomous VorpentWater DragonWindwalkerWinterflesherWhite DragonWoden's NightmareWolf-Fang'X' DragonZebramount
Seen in the Franchise
BewilderbeastBoneknapperChangewingDeadly NadderDesert WraithEgg BiterFirewormFlightmareGobsuckerGrapple GrounderGroncicleGronckleHackatooHideous ZipplebackHobblegruntHotburpleMonstrous NightmareNight FuryRaincutterRed DeathRumblehornSand WraithScauldronScreaming DeathScuttleclawSeashockerShivertoothShockjawSkrillSliquifierSmothering SmokebreathSnafflefangSnaptrapperSpeed StingerStingerStormcutterSubmaripperSweet DeathSword StealerTerrible TerrorThunderdrumThunderpedeTide GliderTimberjackTyphoomerangWhispering DeathWoolly HowlUnknown HTTYD 2 Dragons

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