Dragon's Edge is the name of the base located on Outpost Island that Hiccup and the other Dragon Riders use as a headquarters in Dragons: Race to the Edge.

Official Description

"Beyond Berk and away from the archipelago, the Dragon’s Edge is part clubhouse, part launching point for the dragon riders’ new missions into strange lands and against even stranger menaces. After discovering the Dragon’s Eye and learning of all of the hidden worlds and dragon species well past Berk’s borders, Hiccup, Toothless and the other dragon riders set out to chart their own destinies and find a new island from which they could explore the larger world — The Dragon’s Edge. Located a full day’s flight from Berk, the Dragon’s Edge boasts huts designed to reflect the personality of each dragon rider, as well as shared areas like the clubhouse and domed training arena. The island also features its own native defense system: The Night Terrors, a flock of smaller dragons that fly in formation to assume the shape of much larger beasts in order to ward off any predators from the Edge’s shores."
―Hiccup's Map in Race to the Edge


Dragon's Edge is located north-east of Berk, and not all too far from Valka's Mountain. It has a similar shape to that of the dragon breeding ground. The island is covered with dense forests and has numerous cliffs, and it is surrounded by rather shallow lagoons.


Dragons: Race to the Edge

The entire series of Race to the Edge centers around Dragon's Edge, and almost every episode features the island in some way.

The island was first discovered by Magmar Thorston, who legally claimed it for himself and his family, both present and future members in Reign of Fireworms. A sword and writing on a cave's wall were left in cave. A throne and some other equipment was also left with a flock of Albino Night Terrors that live in the caves in the episode Follow the Leader.

Dragon's Edge was then re-discovered by Hiccup Haddock III and his fellow Dragon Riders of Berk's Hooligan Tribe. It was there that Tuffnut Thorston discovered a flock of Night Terrors and their alpha Smidvarg. After defending the flock, the Dragon Riders began construction on their outpost and allowed the Night Terrors to share itin When Darkness Falls. When Magmar's claim stone was discovered, the twins were given the island in their family's name. At first, they instituted a series of ridiculous laws. However, they gave up their ownership when the Fireworm attempted to migrate to the island. Hiccup and the night terrors were able to lead the fireworms away from the Edge in Reign of Fireworms.

Following the attacks made by a wild Rumblehorn, the riders then built a wall to defend the outpost against. However, they then learned that the Rumblehorn was trying to warn them of a tidal wave approaching. Together they were able to save the outpost from the wave in Crushing It. The Edge then became a refuge for Gronckles that had been forced to leave Dark Deep due to the Catastrophic Quaken, Tormentor inQuake, Rattle and Roll. A pack of Speed Stingers then came for one of their own, Speedy in The Next Big Sting.

Rise of Berk (Game)

Dragon's Edge appears both as a searchable location by Toothless, as well as a Journey location for individual Dragon Riders. Additionally, Rise of Berk lists Outpost Island as a searchable location separate from Dragon's Edge.

Search at Dragon's Edge

Search at Outpost Island


All Journeys may include possible rewards of Runes (in-game currency), Iron Ore, Gears and Collection Items for other game activities, "Card" Packs, and Fish or Wood resources, in addition to Dragon Eggs.

Edge Cove with Hiccup

Possible Dragon Rewards: Covecharger egg, Tide Glider egg, Scauldron egg, Seashocker egg

Dragon's Edge with Fishlegs

Possible Dragon Rewards: Edgewing Egg, Smothering Smokebreath Egg, Whispering Death Egg

Dragon's Edge with Astrid

Possible Dragon Rewards: Edge Nadder Egg, Fireworm Princess Egg, Sliquifier Egg

Edge Cave with Snotlout

Possible Dragon Rewards: Fangmaster Egg, Timberjack Egg, Hideous Zippleback Egg

Dragon's Edge with Snotlout

Possible Dragon Reward: Guslout

Dragon's Edge with the Twins

Possible Dragon Rewards: Nightwatch Egg, Shivertooth Egg, Woolly Howl Egg, Boneknapper Egg, Threadtail Egg, Windgnasher Egg

School of Dragons (Game)

Dragon's Edge/Outpost Island was introduced into School of Dragons at the release of the Expansion "Battle for the Edge in December 2015. This location is available to all players, irregardless to whether they purchased the Expansion or not.

The plot of "Battle for the Edge" is for the player to assist the Dragon Riders in defending Dragon's Edge from Dragon Hunters.

There is also a Hideout that the player can purchase on Dragon's Edge. It is a building that the player can customize with furniture, wall-hangings, etc.


Each of the Dragon Riders have their own hut that is somehow related to the Rider’s personality or to their dragon. The huts are connected by bridges, zip-lines and planks.

Hiccup's Hut

Hiccup’s hut has a Toothless-inspired design with a built in forge and plenty of crazy contraptions and a windmill. The interior is nearly identical to his house on Berk. The lower floor has different tail designs for Toothless on the wall.

Astrid's Hut

Astrid's Dragon Edge

Astrid's original design.

Astrid, as you might expect, builds more of a heavily- armed fortress than a hut. She even has a ballista on her roof. In her original design, she has a look-out tower and interlocking fields of fire. Her design also appears to have lots of skulls and torches of fire. Her hut is also closer to Hiccup's then any of the others.

Fishlegs's Hut

Fishlegs, interested in learning and relaxing, builds a tranquil meditation house and a rock garden. His outpost is quiet and secluded. He has a large pond surrounded by rocks for him and Meatlug to sit on and meditate.

Tuffnut and Ruffnut's Hut

Ruffnut is more orderly, while Tuffnut enjoys the crazy and impractical. They have what seems to be a giant hole in the ground called the 'Boar Pit'. Together, they build something so convoluted that it requires giant balloons to keep it standing upright.

Fishlegs Dragon's Edge

Fishleg's original design.

Snotlout's Hut

Snotlout is now the shortest of the dragon riders, but is never one to be bested. So, he installs a crank to raise and lower his hut so that his is always the tallest hut on the island. He also keeps a water tank next to his hut, just in case his flammable dragon sets the entire thing on fire.


The huts are connected to a larger hut for meetings in the center of the island. The clubhouse is located in the middle of the island and looks over everything, the eye of Dragon's Edge. It serves a similar purpose to the Great Hall on Berk as an important place on the island where the Riders can gather together. There is a stone look-out tower beside it and a gigantic telescope to spot objects over the horizon.


There is a beautiful three-story stable with holes to let light through, creating a unique atmosphere unlike any other building on Berk. The stables are able to hold all the riders' dragons and a few more captive dragons.


There is also a giant dragon training arena with a closing dome to contain wild dragons. The gang uses it to train their dragons and conduct drills and practices, such as beat the dome.

The Hideout

This is a building only found in the game, School of Dragons. The player can purchase a Hut on Dragon's Edge. It is located at ground level on the edge of the cliff, nearby Fishleg's Hut. The player can customize the interior with furnitire, etc.


  • Outpost Island's name was revealed in Smidvarg's bio in Rise of Berk.
  • It takes 34 hours to reach the island from Berk by dragon, and a week by boat.
  • In Reign of Fireworms, it is revealed that Ruffnut and Tuffnut's long lost great-uncle, Magmar Thorston, first discovered the island and claimed it for his clan, which made the twins the island's 'legal' owners. After the destruction of the claiming stone with Magmar's name on it, the island was once again divided equally among the Riders in Reign of Fireworms



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