A Dragon Auction was an event in which dragons were bought and sold to the highest bidders. Two tribes, the Northlanders and the Dragon Hunters, were known to have these.


The Ice Castle

The Northlanders had an auction at their fortress in the Ice Needles. However, the auction was broken up by Stoick, Hiccup and their fellow riders.

Last Auction Heroes

Three years after the Berserker War, Dragon Hunter chieftain, Viggo Grimborn and his brother Ryker then had one at one of their ports. There, he attempted to sell Toothless to Krogan of Drago's Army , but lost his chance when Gobber, Hiccup and their fellow riders were freed by Grump and put a stop to it. The Riders were tipped off to it by Dagur in a letter to Heather before he disappeared and presumably was killed by the Hunters.

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