The Dragon Bloom is a large flowering plant that is exclusive to the game School of Dragons expansion "Secret of the Leviathan".


The Dragon Bloom is very smelly, similar to a rotting carcass, and thrives in tropical habitats. In the Barbaric Archipelago, it only occurs in the cenote of Impossible Island. The large bloom sprouts fruit that are ovoid and pale with red spots. This plant is fictitious and exclusive to the School of Dragons game.


The fruits of the Dragon Bloom are edible to dragons. In addition, the fruit can speed growth of the Luminous Krayfin dragon, and can help it attain Leviathan size.



School of Dragons

The Dragon Bloom is exclusive to the School of Dragons expansion, "Secret of the Leviathan". The player must follow a baby Luminous Krayfin into the cenote on Impossible Island and through various puzzles and mazes to reach this plant.



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