Dragon Combat Moves are series of specific tricks and techniques used by Dragon Riders and their dragons, usually for combat and battle purposes. These moves usually have specific names, and are relayed as a command or set of instructions by the Rider to his dragon. Most moves are suited to the dragon species' specific abilities and skills.

Aerial Moves

Toothless' Divebomb

The Night Fury is one of the few dragons with the ability to dive bomb. Coupled with blazing speed, Hiccup and Toothless use their signature dive more than often throughout the franchise.

With the added velocity of the dive, this move helps Toothless better direct this attacks, be it in combat or in firepower. The dive is often used after a vertical scale towards the sky and a flip. They also often use it when diving downwards straight towards water, only pulling up just before they hit the water. This effect is strong enough to break the surface barrier of the ocean, resulting in a trail of water following their wake as they glide inches above the water.

Upward Spiral

"And, now the spinning... Thank you for nothing, you useless reptile."
―Hiccup to Toothless[src]

Sea Stack Hopping

Invented by Hiccup, much against Toothless' will, this feat was first showcased in Gift of the Night Fury, followed by in "How to Start a Dragon Academy" when the duo attempted this stunt in front of the other Riders.

In this move, Hiccup an Toothless would fly towards an arched sea stack, the former jumping over the arch, while the latter glides under it. They end up meeting at the other end with Hiccup back on Toothless' back.

Stormfly's Twirl

Astrid and Stormfly invented this move before the events of "[[How to Start a Dragon Academy", when they demonstrated it for their best trick contest. Stormfly has to twirl forward in a rotating motion for this trick.

Shatter Scatter

"Everyone thinks Berserker means crazy, but what it really means is going full speed--all out, all time. Total commitment to your Berserker brothers and sisters. So, if you really want to know what Berserker style is... Show them our new move, Shattermaster! Shatter Scatter!"
Dagur the Deranged to Shattermaster[src]

The Shatter Scatter was first used by Dagur, alongside Shattermaster, in "Gold Rush".

Inspired by the intense commitment of the 'Berserker Style', Dagur invented this move. The Shatter Scatter involves a Gronckle, which takes to the air and plummets forward in a tumbling motion. Before hitting the target, the Gronckle points it heavily bludgeoned tail towards the target. The impact is strong enough to cause slight tremors in the ground and break the supposed Dragon-proof metal used by Dragon Hunters.

In "Gold Rush", Shattermaster used it against a Dragon-proof hut on one of Viggo's islands and successfully broke the door open.

Flying Shatter Scatter

An extension of the Shatter Scatter, the Flying Shatter Scatter was invented by Dagur, Heather, Windshear and Shattermaster.

This move involves a larger dragon, preferably with a spiked or prehensile tail, to tow a Gronckle behind it while flying at high altitudes. After that, with a whipping motion, the larger dragon flings the Gronckle downwards towards the target, with the latter finishing off with the original Shatter Scatter. This is powerful enough to penetrate several hulls of dragon-proof Dragon Hunter ship at once.

In "Gold Rush", Windshear towed Shattermaster while carrying Dagur and Heather, before they took out several dragon hunter ships with dragon-proof hulls, sinking all of them successfully.

Water Moves

Tail Flip

A simple move, developed by Astrid and Stormfly, the twirl involves the latter to glide close to the water and flip her tail into the water, creating a trail of water splashing in her wake. This was first demonstrated by the duo in "How to Start a Dragon Academy".

Sea Skimming

Toothless' Water Dive

"Yeah, I don't like the water either. But we have to try new moves. This will definitely give us an added element of surprise!"
―Hiccup to Toothless[src]

First used by Hiccup and Toothless during the events of "Gold Rush", this move requires them to plunge into deep water before shooting out several blasts out of the surface and shooting himself out the ocean. This gives them an added stealth advantage.

In "Gold Rush", the duo were practicing the new move while training. They later used it to defeat a Dragon Hunter ship, after they both fell into the water.