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How to Train Your Dragon (series)

Dragon-nip is a yellow, bubbly substance that seems to have a similar effect on dragons as alcohol has on humans; however, it ends up putting the dragon to sleep.

How to Ride a Dragon's Storm

While on the American Dream 2, Toothless and Stormfly steal some dragon nip from the kitchen, and drink it, and they get drunk. This, however, gives Hiccup the idea to lace the Hysteric food with dragon nip, which causes them all to fall asleep. Then he helps the Wanderers, who were being kept as slaves, escape on landing boats.

How to Train Your Dragon (Franchise)

Dragon Nip is a green grass plant, which grows to approximately half the height of a full-grown Viking (which is the height of Hiccup). Many fans believe that Dragon Nip is in fact Garlic Grass, this is back up in episode "What Flies Beneath" where it is said that these grass-like plants smell like garlic. It appears to be similar in effect on dragons to the effects of catnip on cats; however, when a dragon (at least Night Furies and Gronckles) has dragon nip rubbed on the tip of their nose and around their face, their pupils dilate, they stop flying or attacking and they begin to rub the dragon nip over their bodies, rolling in it if possible, and playing around in it or with it.

Toothless rolling in Dragon Nip animation.

One of the most effective known ways of taming a Gronckle is to rub a bit of dragon nip on its nose, then scratch and tickle it until it bonds with the tamer.

How to Train Your Dragon

Dragon Nip first appears during the time Toothless and Hiccup spend together. During a flight practice, the two are blown away and land into a spot full of grass, that has a calming effect on Toothless. Hiccup takes some of the grass, and uses it several times during Dragon Training on the Gronckle, which is also how he won the Training.

Book of Dragons

Dragon Nip is briefly mentioned in the part about Gronckles, where Hiccup claims that a Gronckle won't stay mad at you if you feed it a little Dragon Nip.

DreamWorks Dragons: The Series

The Whispering Death is apparently immune to the usual effects of dragon nip. In episode 14 "What Flies Beneath", Hiccup attempted to use dragon nip to tame an attacking Whispering Death, but sniffing it only made the dragon sneeze. Astrid is implied to have eaten dragon nip once, and it is also implied to have had some effect on her.


  • Dragon Nip, in both name and concept, is obviously based on the real-life plant known as Cat Nip. They have a similar name and a similar effect on the animals they are named after.
  • So far, the Whispering Death is the only dragon species that isn't effected by Dragon Nip.
    • Due to the Screaming Death being a subspecies of the Whispering Death, it is possible they are not effected either.
  • Dragon Nip seems to have different effects on different dragons. On Night Furies, it seems to make them wild and playful, while it causes other species, like Gronckles, to fall asleep.

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