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The Dragon Riders are people who ride and train dragons. They have their own dragons which they use for riding. The idea of Dragon Riding was a new concept to the Vikings of Berk, but it soon caught on with the locals, and thereafter, the rest of the Viking archipelago


Prior to the events of How to Train Your Dragon, there was a man named Drago Bludvist, who was the first person to have trained Dragons, albeit forcibly against their will. When Dragons became a major threat to the Barbaric Archipelago, the chiefs of the tribe held a meeting to find a solution to this. Drago seized this opportunity to gain power and authority. In exchange for his services, the chiefs of the tribes must swear allegiance to him. They refused and mocked him, and for that, he had his Dragons kill them all, except for Stoick.

Many years later, the Isle of Berk became active on killing and finding the Dragons' Nest, to rid of them forever. However, Hiccup tried to convince the people of Berk that Dragons were not what people believed they were. While his attempts to prove this failed, and his own Dragon, Toothless, was captured by Hiccup's father, Stoick the Vast, to lead the Vikings to the Dragons' Nest. However, it soon became apparent that the Vikings could not defeat the monstrous Red Death on their own. Hiccup, along with his Dragon Training classmates, acted under initiative, and decided to ride the Dragons like Hiccup had with Toothless. Very soon after, the battle was won, and Dragon Training was widely accepted by the Vikings.

Very soon after, the Berk Dragon Training Academy was set up to increase knowledge about Dragons, as well as a medium for their riding. As well as this, three Berkians who were not officially part of the Training Academy, Stoick, Gobber, and Gustav Larson also began to ride Dragons. During a ban on flying, Hiccup put the group of teenage Dragon riders together to form a secret Dragon Flight Club, with its first rule being, 'there is no Dragon Flight Club,' to the confusion of some of the twins, Ruffnut and Tuffnut. This was intended to be behind Stoick's back. But very soon, after he found out about it, he joined it also.

There are also numerous other people outside of Berk who also ride dragons. Though she was originally from Berk, Valka, Hiccup's mother, also rides dragons, and has become very successful in her dragon riding. Also, though arguably the riding was one-sided, Drago Bludvist has ridden dragons before, including Toothless and his Bewilderbeast, which he used to attempt to control all of the other dragons with. His plan failed, and he presumably died on the back of his Bewilderbeast. Heather has also had the experience of riding dragons, sometimes with Hiccup on the back of Toothless, but once solo on the back of Stormfly. She later get her own dragon, Windshear. Eret, Son of Eret has also ridden Stormfly, and he later inherits Skullcrusher after Stoick passed away.

List of Dragon Riders and their Dragons

This list contains the name of the riders and all dragons they've bonded with, and their dragon's species.

Academy Dragons

Rider Dragon Dragon Species
Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III Toothless Night Fury
Sharpshot Terrible Terrors
Astrid Hofferson Sneaky
Stormfly Deadly Nadder
Fishlegs Ingerman Meatlug Gronckle
Iggy Terrible Terrors
Snotlout Jorgenson Pain
Hookfang Monstrous Nightmare
Gustav Larson Fanghook
Tuffnut Thorston Head Terrible Terror
Belch Hideous Zippleback
Ruffnut Thorston Barf
Butt Terrible Terror

Berk Dragons

Rider Dragon Dragon Species
Stoick the Vast (Deceased) Thornado Thunderdrum
Bing, Bam & Boom (Released)
Skullcrusher (Before Death) in the second film Rumblehorn
Eret, son of Eret
Gobber the Belch Grump Hotburple
Valka Cloudjumper Stormcutter
Gothi Flock of Terrible Terrors
Spitelout Jorgenson Kingstail Deadly Nadder
The Academy Riders and Dragons
All Vikings on Berk

Other Dragons

Rider Dragon Dragon Species
Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III Torch (As a Baby) (Released) Typhoomerang
Thornshade Thornridge
Tuffnut Thorston Torch (As an Adult) (Released) Typhoomerang
Tuffnut's Death Ride Whispering Death
Ruffnut Thorston Scauldy (Released) Scauldron
Ruffnut's Trancemare Flightmare
Astrid Hofferson Axewing Timberjack
A Monstrous Nightmare
Fishlegs Ingerman Spikeback Catastrophic Quaken
Snotlout Jorgenson Hunterbolt Skrill
Dagur the Deranged Shattermaster Gronckle

Frozen Skrill (In

Alvin the Treacherous Groundsplitter (Released) Whispering Death
Heather Windshear Razorwhip
Gobber the Belch Gobber's Nemesis (Released) Boneknapper
Valka Valka's Bewilderbeast (Deceased) Bewilderbeast
Gruff Hobblegrunt
Lump Snafflefang
Thump Raincutter
Rumpus Thunderclaw
Valka's Three Seashockers Seashocker
Valka's Mercy Monstrous Nightmare
Winged Warden Windstriker
Thousands of rescued dragons
Drago Bludvist Drago's Bewilderbeast Bewilderbeast
Toothless (Temporary) Night Fury
Thousands of enslaved dragons (Released)
Eret, Son of Eret Skrill Chiller Snow Wraith