Dragon Vine Island is a location to search with Toothless in the game, Dragons: Rise of Berk.

Official Description

"This island still holds too many secrets."
Dragons: Rise of Berk
"Thick fog and vines cover the entire island, clearly Vikings are not welcome here."
Dragons: Rise of Berk


As stated in the official description, there are many vines on this island and much fog. This indicates a very moist environment in order to produce so much fog, as well as a lot of vegetation, including perhaps trees and other tall plants and rock formations for vines to grow on.



Dragons: Rise of Berk

Other Appearances

Dragon Vine Island does appear on the Interactive Map on the Dragons: Race To the Edge website. The island thus far is not featured in this TV series, however.


A4320bfb10853844e8d50a3a78b42219 Dragon Vine Island on Hiccup Haddock III's Journal/Map.

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