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Dragonpedia is the offical website of the How To Train Your Dragon franchise. It contains several pages about the Vikings, dragons and Hiccup's Map, as well as videos, games and the latest news of the franchise. Link to the website: [1]


The Dragonpedia contains several dragons from the franchise, from the first film, to the TV Series, to the second film. Some dragons, like Hookfang and Toothless, represent their species at the Dragonpedia. The dragons are organized by Class.

Strike Class

Tracker Class

Sharp Class

Boulder Class

Tidal Class

Mystery Class

Stoker Class

Viking Guide

Along with the Dragonpedia, the Viking Guide is also introduced. Its includes the Vikings of the franchise, and is classified into four Tribes: Hairy Hooligans, Berserkers, Dragon Hunters, and Unknown. The Hooligans are symbolized by a Viking helmet. Unknown as an axe.

Hairy Hooligans


Dragon Hunters


Hiccup's Map


Hiccup's map as it appears on Dragonpedia

The Map shows a drawing of various locations in the Barbaric Archipelago, along with the various Dragon Species. So far, Berk is the only location on it.


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